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Listings, data trends & other relevant real estate information for LA's beach cities, with particular emphasis on Silicon Beach and LA's digital corridor.
In case you needed any more proof, Hitwise, an online competitive intelligence service, reported last week that Google accounted for almost 64% of all US search engine queries for the month of August 2007.  While this is down a hair from July, Google outran its nearest competitor, Yahoo!, almost ...
Anybody who tells you that it doesn't rain in Southern Calfornia was not with us up at Big Bear over Labor Day weekend!  What an adventure that was!  I grew up in the Northwest and I know a thing or two about rain, but it seems that I'm way out of practice.I'm blessed with a group of distant cous...
Breaking news in the world of search engine advertising -- it was announced late last week that the plaintiff in a four year old case against Google has agreed to drop its claim that Google abuses trademarks by allowing business rivals to buy ads that appear when consumers search for information ...
There seems to be two distinct, diametrically opposed schools of thought out there among web developers about what agents should do with their listings information on their website.  In one corner is the group that advocates mandatory pre-registration before a visitor can see even a hint of listi...
Guestbooks have been around since the beginning of website time.  Originally they were used for visitors to volunteer that they visited a site.  I had one on my wedding website seven years ago.  Later, guestbooks morphed into a "lead capturing" tool by being placed over information with perceived...
Yesterday, we discussed the branding dance and I advocated that the primary brand for all agents should be that of a resource for information hungry consumers.  Not just any information, but the information that online real estate consumers really want -- listings information.  Today, it's gettin...
The Federal Reserve pumped $62 BILLION dollars into our financial system this week because the rate on bank-to-bank loans is significantly above the Fed's benchmark rate.  Do you know what this means?  If not, take a look at this excellent, short article I saw in the Los Angeles Times business se...
Need another idea for generating new business?  Consider this. The front page of the LA Times business section was dominated today by a huge article on the mortgage meltdown.  Nothing new, there.  But one little article tucked away in the corner about the stock market did catch my eye.  Titled Ne...
Yesterday, we talked about the importance of keeping your business pipeline full, even when you're busy handling "life."  Today, it's the branding dance.May I Have This Dance?Your best strategy for doing business with today's online real estate consumers is to engage in a subtle branding dance, w...
Almost everybody I talk to HATES spam and will go to any lengths to keep it out of their mailbox, including setting up incredibly restrictive filters.  The other night I asked my husband what had him so engrossed at his computer, and he replied that he was setting up rules in Outlook to quarantin...

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Listings, data trends & other relevant real estate information for LA's beach cities, with particular emphasis on Silicon Beach and LA's digital corridor.