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Learn simple home staging tips that will make your home look show-worthy. This is the place to be to create a home buyers will find irresistible and will help home sellers get one step closer to the closing table.
WCR: Fundraiser Breast cancer has recently hit home in my family, one of my beloved family members battled the beast during the past year with Stage 2 cancer that spread to her lymph nodes, but luckily it's in remission and she will live to see another day. If this sounds familiar, that's becaus...
No home is ever too big or too small to stage, why? Well, our company views every home as a product and inorder to sell that product, it must be merchandised and marketed correctly to buyers. This house at 83-43 Edgerton Blvd. in Jamaica Estates, is no different with 4 spacious bedrooms, a formal...
310 East 46th St. NY, NY "Turtle Bay Towers" - After changing Realtors, EAR Properties obtained the listing and was faced with  a challenge to get this space sold. They had to think outside the box and called us to stage this vacant 1-bedroom Co-Op , that overlooked the U.N. Building. As stagers ...
445 East 86th St. NY, NY - This is a spacious studio, really a junior 1-bedroom! Currently, being rented the homeowners decided to put their home on the market but, had little buyer interest. The major problem in this space was that the bedroom was not sophisticated and showed small. We brought i...
Sold In 72 Hours This story was a win-win for everyone involved! We had a Realtor call Stylish Stagers, Inc. and asked us to stage a 1-bed Co-op on Adams St. in Brooklyn. When we began communicating with the seller, he mentioned that their was a falling out with his current real estate agent, so...
  The call comes in Mr. or Mrs. Realtor I'd like you to represent me in selling my home. You hang up excited, you've been dying to get a home in this neighborhood and start preparing for the listing presentation immediately. With no idea on what to expect you've siked yourself up and are ready to...
 A Special Thanks... In this market having a competitive edge can be the difference of who gets the sale. So, why not set your Real Estate Office up for success? Well, many Office Managers have gone above and beyond to give their agents the tools needed to help close the deal. Stylish Stagers, I...
LIBOR Education Conference For the second year in a row, we are proud to be an exhibitor at the 23rd Annual LIBOR Education Conference and Trade Show. This year's theme is about Your Business, Your Future!  As LIBOR puts it the future is now, the Keynote Speaker Connie Podesta suggests, "Busines...
Team-Up To Teach Realtors As a home stager, one of my goals has been to continue to educate the public and Realtors on the benefits of home staging. When someone is selling a home there are three key factors: 1) Right Price, 2) Great Marketing and 3) Product Showcase. While it's the Realtors job...
The home staging industry has been growing leaps and bounds in the last few years. As a whole we are becoming more organized to benefit our clients. Did you know the home staging industry has a similar association to the National Association of Realtors (NAR)?  It's called the Real Estate Staging...

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