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Learn simple home staging tips that will make your home look show-worthy. This is the place to be to create a home buyers will find irresistible and will help home sellers get one step closer to the closing table.
My answering machine on my business phone stopped working the other day, so I had to buy a new one and that got me thinking about the voicemail message I leave. For the past year, I wasn't exactly truth on the message I directed callers to my website where they could find more information and pri...
I'm loving creating my own artwork for spaces, but sometimes it can be hard trying to come up with what to paint. I cam across this blog post from Feature This and using exsiting photos can be a great way to decorate your walls and is a simple solution to having what I like to call "painter's blo...
I'm updating my Realtor Presentation and came across this blog post from Leslie Olsen, she really prepares you and thinks of everything when getting ready to present.       Special thank-you tulips for the AR community! As a relative newcomer to Northern California, it's important for me to prese...
With NYC's latest snow and garbage removal crisis, I noticed just how much garbage my street collects in just 2 weeks, my home especially. While we try and recycle, I saw many people in my area who just don't. Cardboard boxes in with food grinds, milk jugs and other canned goods in with a watery ...
See it's not just home stagers trying to sell you our services, what comes out of most of our mouths are pure facts. When selling your home, presentation which means staging your home is just as important as price and marketing. I can't wait for the day when home staging in the public eye becomes...
Alright, counting calories can drive anyone nuts. Hmm, maybe I want nuts now! I'm one to write what I eat down daily in a food journal but measuring and counting calories just isn't my thing, until I started using this cool tool on my phone. The Calorie Counter is the essential BlackBerry applica...
This is an outstanding anology I'd like to share with you originally posted by The Real Support Inc. Team. It's important to be consistent in 2011 and that's what will bring you success in not only in your personal life, but your professional life as well.The new year gives us all a fresh start a...
I'm excited to say that **reusing**  will be a project on my to do list this year! I came across Connie Tebyani's post a few months back and while I thought this way a great idea and easy solution to update your pillow inventory, I didn't quite have the capability of making new pillow cases. So, ...
Home staging isn't just about using tan & white to lighten and brighten a space. Buyers are onto the old home staging tricks and are looking for something more to entice them to open up their wallets. Now, I'm not saying go out and paint each room a different bold color. But using this Sherwin-Wi...
I'm no curtain expert by any means, but one of my biggest pet peeves is when I find homeowners who have curtains that are too short for their space. It drives me nuts! I think window dressing is an afterthought for so many homeowners because actually finding the perfect can be not only difficult,...

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