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Learn simple home staging tips that will make your home look show-worthy. This is the place to be to create a home buyers will find irresistible and will help home sellers get one step closer to the closing table.
Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words! Whatever your excuse for not attending this year's RESA Conference, maybe you didn't have enough dough, or your a Ms. Know-It-All, or you didn't know anyone there. Here is the best example of why going to the RESA Conference is so important...You Get To Meet O...
I've been a member of LIBOR for just about a year now and while annual dues are a bit expensive its a great way to mix and mingle with your potential clients. As a home stager I find it's important to focus my marketing efforts towards Realtors, they are repeat clients and really it's a win win f...
When redesigning or staging a home adding tons of different fabrics is an easy way to add richness to a space. Check out Kimo's blog to get some tips on what type of fabric you like to use.  When merchandising a property for sale, especially high end residences, fabric can play a very important r...
Lighting is so important as Janice mentions in her blog below. I recently staged a home that had half of their vanity bulbs in the bathroom out. It was an easy fix to shed some light in that room, but definately take a que from Janice blog to learn how to light other spaces around your home.We ar...
I came across this post, which looks all too familiar! This is what home stagers sacrifice their vehicles time and time again as we deliver and pick up staging belongings. Mannie is lucky she has an SUV, but I have a Mazda 3 and am thinking about investing in another vehicle. I had the thought of...
Are you looking to expand your Real Estate knowledgw and grow your business in 2011?   I stumbled upon the biggest real estate book ever written and I'm able to share it with you for free.   Dan Auito, author of "Be a Real Estate Heavyweight, 95 Experts Show You How," has created this 1500-page e...
The holiday decorations are all put away and if you find yourself looking at the same 4-boring walls day in and day out, saying how can I update my space to get me inspired again, well then these tips will motivate you!   Not every home has those positive features like grand fireplaces, built-in ...
Putting everything in its place can be a daunting task for many. When visiting client's homes during home staging/redesign consultations I usually find their belonging thrown haphazardly around their space, creating a cluttered mess. Decluttering a home is part of the home staging/redesign proces...
As I try and build my preferred vendor list on my website, as well as building a team for home staging projects this year. This is a good start to show the difference between professions. Do you work with a team of people? Who are they and how have you incorporated them into your business?To keep...
I'm working on building up my websites ranking this year and wanted to share this blog I found, it tells you how you can get a better SEO with exact keywords. I’m sure by now you have all heard of Google rankings. We are all striving to climb that ladder up to the top of the search engine. It is ...

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