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June 25, 2008 I was finally relaxing and watching a little TV when I noticed an ad from one of the National Lenders come on.  The ad said that they could get your client 5.56% Fixed rate loan.  They then ran one of those subliminal disclosures, you know the one that the only person who could have...
Why is the mortgage business getting tougher?  As I fight my way through another deal, I think back ten years to my first deal.  Back before you could fog a mirror and get a loan.  Back in the days where the joke was, "We will lend to you only if you don't really need it."  Thing is, we are rapid...
Some years ago, I found myself facing an issue that continues to raise it's ugly head today.  It is builders who have in-house financing and will give concessions to the buyer IF they will use their financing.  The first time this happened, the un-named builder gave the client $6,000 worth of fre...
Okay, in my last post I said I was going to go back to some basics.  Well it does work.  I obtained two new Realtor partners and I have one new deal in my pipeline.  So, the harder I work, the Luckier I get.  
Another month gone.  I have to ask, are you reaching your goals?  If you took your year to date production, divided by five and then multiplied it by twelve, would you earn what you want this year?  For me, being honest I have to say a resounding NO.  So today I began looking at what I have to do...
It amazes me how many Realtors I talk to who complain about the business being slow.  I am finding this is not the case at all.  If you are positive and have something different to sell, then you can make it in this evironment.  Take for instance, Bond Money.  Are you working with a Loan Officer ...
I just finished reading an article on MSN about the mortgage industry and how the housing industry is too big of a mess for a quick fix.  Without getting my political band wagon out, one candidate for president blamed the mortgage bankers/brokers for the mess saying they should not have sold the ...
Will you need down payment assistance? If you are looking to buy a new home and will be needing down payment assistance, those programs are scheduled to end on March 15, 2008.  So contact me ASAP if you are in the market for a home. 
November 1st I started my own Branch of AmeriNET Mortgage.  Although I have been in banking, finance or insurance since 1977, going out there on your own is a very scary endeavor.  I did this once in 2002-03 with a partner who caused me to fail miserably.  But that is another story for another ti...

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