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I am involved in alot of activities (all legal) in addition to real estate. I meet alot of people and many are hoping to be first time home buyers. Many say, "I am almost there with my credit and downpayment." They are worried they might miss the boat. With the fear of having the wrath of God bro...
My Kindle tells me I am about 90% through Keith Richards best selling book "Life." What a life it has been. Having grown up in the 70s, I liked the Stones as part of my portfolio of rock bands but I was never their biggest fan. Some of their stuff I like, others not so much. When I downloaded the...
Most real estate agents I suspect drive an automatic transmission car as their primary vehicle. I drive one but recently have been driving a Ford Mustang with a stick as my son isn't quite ready for prime time in an emergency situation. He can drive it well, but he is a new driver, and I want him...
I found this calculator online that you can use to cut the federal budget. I not only cut things I thought were a total waste, I took a hit too on items that affected me directly. It wasn't that painful and I picked choices I thought I could live with. Here is the calculator:
Obviously you do or it wouldn't be listed with an agent, or so one would think. The key to selling your home or, in some cases, renting it is traffic. Everyone knows that every house will sell to someone. The reason I am bringing up this topic is daily I run into properties that require 24 or 48 ...
First of all, renting makes no sense to me personally. Most of my tenants agree with me. As I have said before many times, I will work with my tenants, or residents, to help them own a home of their own whether or not I am their real estate agent in the transaction. There are times when renting m...
We are referring to the nation's largest markets. In the case of Detroit with prices at pre 2000 levels, there is nowhere to go but up! These are January to February 2011 numbers. Good news if you live in Detroit. D.C. was the only area that had year over year increases of 2.7% but a decline from...
Despite what many people think, the D.C. area is not all government. The government is a huge influence here and the area has boomed because of the government. If it were not for the government, it would most likely be just another small to mid size market area. Remember that Alexandria, VA and G...
I read an article in today's Washington Post on page B3, titled "No Taxation Without (Visual) Representation." In the article was a link to a calculator at You can put in the annual taxes you pay in a year and see how they are broken down from an expense perspe...
All indications are is that this is likely to be a busy Spring in the D.C. area. The Washington Examiner is reporting this morning that prices are up 13.2% since the Spring of 2009. Inventory is relatively low and that means more competition for those houses that are available. That usually means...

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