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Todays Washington Post, Front Page, an article on the Federal Government busting Taylor, Bean and Whitaker's Lee Bentley Farkas.
Call me Jimmy Buffett. I grew up in Florida on the beach when Florida had less than half the population it has now. Although I am formal when I need to be, I am in Flip Flops, T Shirt, and Shorts at most other times, and a northern variation of that in the Winter up here. I am comfortable in my s...
I dont think that this was a secret to anyone. The Home tax credit has slowed down the market a bit. I certainly am noting less competition with offers. The big thing I have noticed is that I was bumping into other agants and their clients showing houses, in one case four agents at one showing, r...
Recently, I have been getting calls about payday loans (or so it seems from the internet blog sites). I have never taken a payday loan. In fact I am an invetsor not a consumer. Someone is calling my house looking for someone that is not me. I have been advised by legal sites to not return these c...
Lately, due to some very wierd phone messages I have received, I have been investigating different types of phone scams on the internet. There are some where the caller will call usually not even saying who they are or where they are calling from saying there is a complaint about you and to call ...
In yesterdays and todays (and looks like tomorrows) Washington Post, Sen. Harry Reid ((D), Nevada has proposed extending the closing date for the tax credit to sometime in September. This is for contracts ratified before April 30th. The problem is the backlog at Title Companies according to the a...
Often you hear folks saying that they would like to go back to a simpler time. In some ways, perhaps. I have a strong feeling that our memories are short and we just plain forget how tough it was back then, and certainly if you were a minority in America. And if life was tough in the U.S.A., it w...
This just in from WTOP News.....not exactly but the article is published on WTOP's website. I have provided a link below. Two local criminals (thats what they are so lets not sugarcoat it) have been arrested with at least one getting a five year jail term and likely deportation to Bolivia after h...
From time to time on the internet or from people on the street, I hear "real estate agents make too much money." I think alot of that is the misconception that the percentage charged for listing a property all goes to the agent. In fact, I have seen that on the web from person who really don't un...
Lately, I have been getting a "gut" feeling that the days of buying houses for cheap and fliping them at a profit (wholesaling) are coming to a close in this cycle in many markets and certainly my own (DC & No. VA). I suspect there will always be value, especially after every Tom, Dick, and Harry...

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