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Within the next few months or possibly at most, the next year, I will need to sell my father's home a block from the Indian River in Broadview Manor. Now, he and I have an agreement.  if you call him cold you are out. But if you email me and talk to me first I will be willing to discuss offering ...
Senator Robert Byrd passed away last night at age 92. No matter what you may have thought about him personally, he was an icon in the U.S. Senate and he fought for the people of West Virginia. Senator Byrd was know for moving federal jobs to West Virginia to help the state with its high unemploym...
While in the grocery store the other day, the cover of Time Magazine caught my eye, The feature article was about the bankrupt (or heading in that direction) state governments across the country. Just this past week, I read in The Washington Post that after receiving tens (or maybe it was hundred...
I thought I would get your attention with that. In Today's Washington Post section "Sunday Ready To Rent" that advertises all of the apartments is an article on why you should rent rather than buy. On the surface it may make sense to some folks after seeing their housing values plummet. One glari...
Just a quick note. There is a market update coming across that the IRS has found that $9,100,000  has been conned by inmates in prison and many serving life sentences.The worst part is that IRS employees have been caught scamming the treasury as well in this latest news report. It's this kind of ...
If you are a minority and have been hit with a foreclosure, you are not alone. Whites had significantly more foreclosures but the percentage of minority foreclosure rates was much higher. Between 2207 and 2009 blacks lost about $240,020 homes to foreclosure, Latinos, 335,950. The actual number fo...
This is not about the "dogs" that are running this country but the four legged friends of the dogs that run the country. On the Front page of Today's Washington Post is a picture of Sen. Robert Byrd with his Shit-Zhu, baby (aka Trouble). Several other pictures of other congressman's dogs hard at ...
The FBI has busted 500 people in a mortgage fraud operation known as "Operation Stolen Dreams." The government works slower than we would like but they tend to eventually get around to getting things done.
I guess that is just stating the obvious. Without a job, the fear of losing the one you have, or reduced hours and wages, it becomes difficult for people to buy a home, and in some cases pay for the one the have already. Another article from on the ongoing catch 22 for real estate...
Agents have occasionally asked me why I don't do alot of home "previews." I do them but only when I am looking at an area I am not that familiar with and usually that coincides with a buyers interest in that area. Why do I not bother? Just a very short time ago relatively, I used to drive from Be...

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