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This past week, it came to my attention that one of America's young outstanding Realtors had been lured into changing her affiliation.   She had left the balloon firm to join one of those fast growing franchises.  As I read her words sharing why she felt she had made a difficult but correct decis...
Warning!!!!  You usually get what you pay for!  I just had a dear friend who is a mortgage broker share with me a nightmare story.  A firm that markets itself as "no commissions, no agents" proved its value (or lack thereof) to its seller.  Not only did the seller not negotiate (she caved), they ...
This Mini-Storage Warehouse and retail/office space will be auctioned October 4, 2007 at 10:00am.   It's a rare opportunity to purchase a true piece of the All-American Pie.   Additional details will be available on within the next few days.  Can't wait?  Call or e-mail me....
Oldham County homes are selling!  No, they are not selling for a premium as they did until 2005, but they are selling, especially in the hands of a professional realtor.  We are seeing homes priced realistically and with sellers who are patient being sold.  
The internet has grown into its own now.  This is true especially when buying or selling homes.   Unfortunately many Realtors have been slow to make the change.  Even here in my own office, I have to pull teeth to change the old ways.  I feel that with-in 10 years, the Realtor as we knew will be ...
In a recent blog, I presented a question of what agents thought their ideal real estate affiliation would be like.  Several people wrote replied that I should opine my vision.  I disagreed still hoping that associate brokers and agents would tell me what they feel, not what I think they should li...
Real Estate is one of the toughest, yet most rewarding careers anyone could dream of.   10 years ago, following major surgery, I looked a my life and took the plunge into real estate sales and eventually management.  I absolutely love my work as the scenery changes nearly every day.  Yes, there a...
As a principal broker and auctioneer in both Kentucky and Indiana, I am amazed at the number of real estate professionals who have not investigated using auctions as a tool in selling real estate.  Auctions are like a special tool that you might find in a mechanics box.  Most properties do not fi...
Now, there is a question for the ages.  Let's have some fun.  What is the perfect model for broker-agent relationships in your mind?   How does the broker best help the agent?   What are the agent's responsibilities other than legally mandated to the broker?   What is the perfect environment for ...
Today's news, while terrible for many people could be great news for people looking to buy a great home for a great price.  People with cash in hand, or superior credit history can really grab some great terms and deals right now.  In Oldham County, we are beginning to see home listings expire du...

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