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Like the auto dealer, our inventory is gone!  We've sold a bunch of houses lately, and odd thing, we've done well without the $ 8000 first time credit.  There is just a lot of proof that well priced listings sell well in any market. 
Please help me understand the Energy Conservation bill passed by the United States House of Representatives. Do I understand it to say that all homes will require an energy audit prior to being sold?   And if below minimums, the seller must repair/upgrade the property before sale.   Am I correct?...
We are looking for 20 of the best REALTORS.  Kentucky & Indiana Licensees are invited to check out the RE/MAX FourSquare Realty value proposition at  There are simply no limits.
Ok, I am biased, but very open to learning.  So the question is: "If you have been associated with two or more firms, which firm offered the best training?"   As I have been studying the Louisville market, odds are that the top 25 Realtors of the year either are wearing a RE/MAX pin, or have.   I...
Just a couple of weeks ago, RE/MAX rolled out its new version of MainStreet, the intranet connecting its nearly 100,000 associates together world-wide.  Wow!  It's a great place to visit. Best of all that I have found is the new LeadStreet feature offering us a micro website.   While by no means ...
Tomorrow, April 12, 2009 is Easter Sunday.  No matter your personal faith or even lack of religious faith, it is my wish that you will take a couple hours to attend a Celebration of Life at a church/congregation of your choice.   I say Celebration of Life because that is what it is.  Whether you ...
I am flying a trial balloon.  Please check out this website and tell me what you think.
It's the night before the next forecasted snow event.  For the past week, we have had snow, freezing rain, snow and then cold to keep it that way.  At about 9:30 last Tuesday, the ice finally broke the electrical connections between our house and the power plant.   We were in for 28 hours of chil...
Tomorrow is 2009 minus 3.  Only God knows what 2009 will bring.  I hope yours will be a year of unimaginable success.  Within the next 30 days, we hope to get our office to the end of phase I remodeling.  We'll see the new glass doors, new kitchen and baths, plus all new paint and the first floor...
What a week September 21 through September 27, 2008 has been.  It all started with a great visit with to my seven week old grandson.   Of course, we played some football, went for a drive, and talked about girls.  He is such a prodigy as evidenced by his ability to play Carniege Hall quality pian...

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