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In a week or so, my high school class will be celebrating our 50th class reunion. Thankfully, our class has a handful of dedicated individuals who try their best to keep all of us connected and informed about our classmate's lives. These individuals have done this thankless job for decades. The r...
Long before I became a real estate agent, I was a partner in a food brokerage company. What is a food broker? It is very much like a real estate broker, only this time you are selling cases of food instead of houses. A food broker represents a manufacturer so that the manufacturer doesn’t have to...
Tomorrow, Saturday, October 15th, will mark the 5-year anniversary of Dan Wheldon’s death in a fiery car crash during an Indy car race in Las Vegas. In honor of Dan, I would like to repost an essay I wrote a week after his death. Rest in peace Dan, and may God watch over your wife, Susie, and you...
We have all heard of the term “paradigm shift”. It started out as a mathematical term, but over the years it has become a philosophical term as well. I will always remember the first time I heard the term. It was in an advanced learning seminar, and the speaker explained the philosophical definit...
OK, let’s finish the quote together…If it is to be…it is up to me.The quote is made up of ten two-letter words and is so simple in its grammatical structure, and yet is so powerful and profound in its depth. This quote came to mind yesterday when I came across two things which caught my attention...
This week I am fulfilling part of my civic duty by showing up at our county courthouse for jury duty. This is my third time being selected in the last 5-6 years. I have yet to be selected to actually serve on a jury. No, I am one the exceedingly unlucky ones who are left to wait and rot in the ju...
I have a good friend whose career path and mine intersected several times throughout the years as we attempted to make a living. He contacted me several days ago to alert me to the fact that Edward DeBartolo Jr. was being inducted into the Football Hall of Fame. I had to laugh when I got the emai...
Today is Neil Armstong's birthday. He was born on August 5th, 1930. In honor of Armstorng's birthday, I would like to repost an essay I wrote when he died in 2012. If ever there was a time when our country needed a hero...someone to look up to, it is now. I hope you enjoy!A few days ago, Neil Arm...
There are two subjects you should never bring up unless you are looking for trouble…yep, politics and religion. I apologize in advance, but I just can’t help myself. I know the country is coming to the realization that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is going to end up leading us for the n...
My father died when I was 22. My dad died before he ever got a chance to see me amount to anything. He never got to see his grandchildren grow up. I never had the opportunity to ask him advice on buying a home, how to be a good parent. There was a song when I was growing up entitled, “My Dad”, wh...

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