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So we've got the title report back from the abstractor, the processor has drawn up the title commitment and sent it off to the Lender. Now what? We wait for a Clear to Close from the Lender?  Yes and No. While a Clear to Close is required before scheduling an actual closing date, there is also pl...
*Please note that these posts are written from -+-my knowledge gained as a title processor in the state of Maine. Different states have different rules regarding who can and cannot perform a title search, issue title insurance and perform a real estate closing.  Some states require that an attorn...
First, let me apologize for the long silence between posts in this series. My excuse? Moving. I moved from Maine to North Carolina in April, and the months leading up to the move were crazy.  Not quite as crazy as my days working as a title processor, but close. But I'm beginning to get settled i...
(This post is part two in a series focused on giving an in-depth look at exactly what happens behind the scenes at a title company. I have drawn upon my own 4+ years of experience as a title processor/real estate paralegal in southern Maine in writing this series. Please be aware that things coul...
  As a real estate professional, the title company or title attorney is a necessary part of the puzzle. But how much do you really know about what goes on there?  And do they really provide more than just frustration and additional cost of insurance?   I hope that in a series of posts, I can not ...

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