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One of my friends introduced me to this cool, 1 page directory of all my online homes and today I finally created my XeeSM profile. It takes just a few minutes, maybe a little more if you want to list a lot of stuff ... butit's easy and you might add to your signature (probably with a cool button...
The constant challenge is what frequency is enough, without being too much? To date I have stuck with a monthly handyman newsletter with reasonable success as I want to deliver value to my customers while respecting their time. I've also alternated between things like: Making all articles support...
I was inspired this morning to write an article to encourage more women to buy their home, as 20% of home buyers are single women. In reviewing the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, report on Buying For Themselves: An Analysis of Unmarried Female Home Buyers in June 2006 ......
Wow, I'm searching for a moving expert to help me with a web site I'm building. I really thought it would be easy to find several moving professionals who are actively blogging about their business, their industry, their expertise in all things related to moving ... and my focus is on residential...
There's a saying that when you want to get something done, you need to ask a busy person. As most of the folks who've contributed photos are small business owners, busy juggling many responsibilities, I'd like to say thanks and recognize them with their respective businesses ... and especially th...
After You Buy a Home, Resources to Help You Maintain It! In an ideal world, home owners would have the time, money and motivation to maintain their homes on a consistent basis and make repairs when they first find the problem.Of course, there isn't anything close to an ideal world so I'm realizin...
Felloow Active Rainers, I wanted to spice up my "fall home maintenance" newsletter and came up with the idea of a pumpkin photo sharing contest, as it's also nice to get readers to engage with us online. Then I realized I should share the idea with all of you as everyone's got a blog ... so here'...
What an interesting experience this ... so let's see what happens.  More people are finding my web site and blog, and I've started getting some interesting requests for help. I have a client on the NH Seacoast, but she actually is looking for someone in the Belmont, NH area to scrape and paint a ...
We have a special treat this spring, a family of Morning Doves. It's funny that I'm thinking I should describe the house like a listing but then I've never written up a listing as I'm not a realtor ... so let me try for fun. Location: Hampton Beach, NH Type of Construction: Stick built Square Foo...
I learned about HubSpot about 6 weeks ago, and they have a great tool that will analyze your web site & give you great feedback and recommendations. Today I learned about a new tool they have, called the ... gobbledygookgrader.com You must be wondering what this is all about, but it's VERY real. ...


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