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Best wishes to a great group of folks ... and hope everyone can take time to enjoy the weekend.
We're all frustrated by what's happening in the Gulf of Mexico ... and yet, we're not sure what we can do if anything, to change the situration. We feel powerless against the corporations who are wrecking our planet, and a government more worried about winning elections than making this right. Af...
A matter of timing here as I just wrote a post about using clotheslines to save energy. The rest of the world, those that pay the real cost of energy versus ... believe it or not, our subsized energy prices, reallu use clotheslines and the photo I found from Venice shows how. Question then ... if...
As I've done for the last 4 years, I gave out water bottles to thirstly visitors at the 6th Annual Kitchen Tour in Bedford NH. At My Handyman most of my interaction is over the phone, or online, so it's really nice to meet 100s of home owners in a single day ... and listen to their comments about...
If you're considering any type of home remodeling project ... head to the Dover home show this weekend. Here are few details: Dover NH Home Show Dover Ice Arena, 110 Portland Ave (Rt 4) Saturday, April 24 ... 9am to 6pm Sunday, April 25th ... 10am to 4pm Not sure if you want to go? How about a co...
Wow, I haven't read anything on the Real Estate Tomato in quite some time ... as I rely on ActiveRain to keep me abreast of real estate comings & goings. They're asking everyong to help promote the event (Monday, January 4th), as they'd like to get another 1,000 folks signed up (have about 2,000)...
Followed a tweet and found a fascinating site, the International Property Journal ... which I wanted to share. I think this website provides a different slant on what's happening in the US, as they're looking more broadly at what's happening around the globe. Here is a link to their Property Tren...
I'm sitting here talking to my web developer about these new blog directories. I mentioned that in creating my Facebook fan pages, I used NetworkedBlogs to push my blog into a "blog tab" on the fan pages. The natural question that this brought up was ... do we end up being penalized for duplicate...
Keep trying to attend Brad's AR workshops but something always happens. Yes, I've been around a while but still consider myself a novice so I'm wondering if you can provide some advice on 2 questions: How do I fix the html mess in the right column as I've no idea when i even created it? I never r...
Last week I watched everyone sending out their holiday greetings. I kept thinking that familiar saying WIIFM (what's in in for me) applied as some greetings I appreciated but many of them seemed perfunctory. For years I've felt the holidays are personal, and getting cards from my insurance agent ...


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