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First I have to say I've found AR to be an excellent way to learn to blog, as starting out in a vacuum (TypePad) didn't provide me with the community like AR offers. To share with you where I think I am:Great network to learn about what is important to realtors, although I've yet to uncover how m...
A busy weekend (except for snow on Friday, but it's New Hampshire) at the Seacoast Home & Garden Show in Durham, NH. While we've worked hard to offer a living room feeling in our booth, the addition of fresh flowers (daffodils) was a nice addition this time. Our gardener, Good Earth Gardening, al...
Many home owners don't have a regular schedule for home maintenance. For car maintenance, you know who to call and they often send reminders. We don't have an equivalent for home maintenance. Most home owners don't have a handyman they call regularly for these routine jobs. A recent survey conduc...
I won't be very active over the next few days. 4 Walls has a booth atSeacoast Home and Garden show, Fri-Sun ... 3/28-30 (Durham, NH)Women's Business Center showcase, Mon 3/31 ...5-8pm (Portsmouth, NH)...other 4 Walls Events where you can meet 4 Walls membersTips on how to talk to realtors at thes...
I started on Sunday and I've learned more about blogging this week than the year plus on TypePad, because all of you are actively using Active Rain. THANKSBeing a very busy writer:Self publishing - Handyman Library and 4 Walls newsletters/libraryApplaud Magazine and The Mirror, both in NH  Make Y...
I always try to give credit to the person who inspired one of my blog posts. Then I ran into a problem linking to Rick Acree's profile in Active Rain when I posted his great signature (see post just before this one).Followed links back to Rick's profile, but found the url in the browser window wa...
Was just scanning some blogs and wow, this one jumped right off the page. They say you always want to stand ut from the crowd, and Rick Acree at Habitec Inspections certainly does this with his blog signature (doesn't work as well on his profile).
Once you become an established business, you get many requests for donations to local fund raisers. I like to support groups related to housing (Habitat for Humanity), children/families (fund raiser for community playground) and the arts (local theater). At last year's Habitat fund raiser, I lear...
I'm absolutely fascinated by the AR community/ The magic here is the community, not the blog! I've been blogging  for 1.5 yrs but not very active, maybe because I wasn't getting many comments? It now makes sense because trying to blog with folks that don't spend much time online, probably is futi...
What a wonderful opportunity Active Rain offers for My Handyman to partner with our realtor community. Previously this required meeting face-to-face and exchanging business cards. We added realtor contact information to our Constant Contact eMail list and you received our monthly newsletter, Hand...


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