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Perfection:  I am perfect, the best that I can be, in this moment. Today I'll be the best I can be in this moment.  I have sought to be perfect in work, in relationships, and even in leisure.  I will not lose sight of the fact that I am human, I'm fallible, I make mistakes and I get over them. l...
DON'T QUIT POEM:   When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,When the funds are low and the debts are high,And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,When care is pressing you down a bit,Rest, if you must, but DON'T YOU QUIT! Life is queer with i...
GREAT POSSIBILITIES:  You will see what you want to see.  So what do you want to see?You will experience what you expect to experience.  So what exactly are your expectations? Realty is the way it is.  Yet the reality of your life DEPENDS on the way you filter and interpret and respond to what is...
EVERY MOMENT A MIRACLE:   Every moment is a miracle.  Every day is filled with magnificent wonder.    Opportunities for joy, and possibilities for great enrichment are everywhere. A vast abundance spreads out in all directions.  Even the troubling challenging moments have their positive componen...
Good Morning, Hope your day is going amazing!  15 Ways to enhance your day:   *  Get up early *  Look around outside before you go to work(or your home office) *  Relax and enjoy your meals *  Spend time with friends(on line or a safe 6 foot distance) *  Pace yourself *  Find a quite place to go ...
Good morning and hello there again from my home office in beautiful Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Hope this email finds you doing well this Wednesday and are safe and healthy  I have been in a self quarantined since Friday afternoon.  Wanted to share Tim's Time Outs: OPTIMISM: MEET LIFE'S CHALLENGES ...
JUST FOR TODAY:  Just for Today:  I WILL BE HAPPY.  This assumes to be true what Abraham Lincoln said that:  "Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be." Just for Today:  I will exercise my soul in three ways.  I will do somebody a good turn, and NOT get found out, if anybody know...
Good morning.  Hope this Post finds you doing well and staying healthy.  Wanted to share Tim's Time Outs: Reflection for the day and week: We may not know any specifics about the activities of today;  we may not know whether we'll be alone or with others.  We may feel the day contains too much ti...
Three Ways To Manage Your Home-Buying AnxietyA real estate transaction can be an emotional roller coaster, especially for first-time buyers. A home is not an everyday purchase—you’re buying your future, the place where your kids will grow up and a lifetime of memories will be made. And a house ha...
8 Grave Mistakes to Never, Ever Make With Your HELOC A home equity line of credit, or HELOC, has long been a popular way to tap the equity in your home and get your hands on a quick infusion of cash. In the past, one big plus of using a HELOC—rather than an unsecured loan or credit card—was that ...

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