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How do your agents approach their first meeting with buyers? Do they primarily focus on establishing friendly rapport, or do they work from a set of ground rules that can substantially impact the client relationship beyond the initial buyer consultation?Rapport is significant, but it’s not enough...
Hello there again and good morning.  Hope this email finds you doing well on this Monday morning and you had a wonderful weekend.  Wanted to pass along Tim's Time Outs: Life is Full Of Choices: It has been said that there are a thousand little choices in a day and all of them count.  In fact, eac...
Because real estate professionals know the local market dynamics, they can help military and veteran clients make informed decisions. To be most effective, you’ll need to stay up-to-date on rental prices in your market area, even if you don’t handle rentals. You’ll also need to keep up-to-date on...
 Good morning. Hope this email finds you doing well this Monday morning and had a great weekend.  Wanted to share Tim's Time Outs as a essay by Steve Jobs.  :   The World's six best doctors .. worth reading twice   Steve Jobs Died a billionaire at age 56.  This is his final essay:     I reached t...
Good morning and happy Sunday.  Just wanted to say:     May your pockets be heavy andyour heart be light,May good luck pursue youeach morning and night. -Irish Blessing Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
The Great Recession has receded in the rear view mirror, and pretty much every American would like to keep it that way, thank you very much. But we're still all too aware that the whole financial disaster was precipitated by a deluge of bad mortgages. Sure, we've had nearly a decade of booming ho...
Are you ready to buy your own home? That may sound like a bit of a weird question; however, many homebuyers are just not prepared when it comes to buying their first or a new home.On the surface, it may seem that taking out a mortgage is going to be easy. Often, the opposite is true. There are ma...
Millennials, that large generation that was born between the early 1980s and the mid- to late 1990s, lag behind other age groups in homeownership. A recent report from the Urban Instituteshows that 8 percent fewer millennials own homes when compared to baby boomers at the same age, and 8.4 percen...
Good morning and hello again.  Hope this email finds you doing well and had a wonderful weekend.  Wanted to share Tim's Time Outs: SUCCESS: Today Approach All of your projects with Confidence; You deserve to live this day triumphantly.  Today choose to experience joy as you keep your heart and mi...
The housing landscape of the past several years hasn't exactly been friendly to buyers: the bidding wars, the eye-popping prices, the houses that sold before a "For Sale" sign even went up. It's enough to make any of us put our search on hold until we have a fighting chance at landing a home—with...

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