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I took part in an interview for the local paper (you can watch the interview here) and the question was raised..."is this bailout a good idea?" Yes there were some bad loan decisions made. Lender and borrowers can shoulder the blame equally. But the one thing I hear from a lot of people today is ...
After teaming up with my first marketing coach, we have launched our brand new venture, The Marketing Evangelist! We are very excited about this new endeavor and are currently working on our first book, The 10 Gospel Truths About Marketing Your Small Business. We don't have an offical release da...
I have talked with, managed, and coached thousands of loan officers all across the country and the number one issue that comes up over and over again is accountability! How many times have you set out with great intentions to call on an agent, do an office presentation, write a blog, call your da...
Who really cares that the Government bailed out Fannie and Freddie? What you really care about is what does it mean to your paycheck? Will home loans get easier? Will values go up? Will the credit crisis end? Well here is how I see it playing out and how it will impact your paycheck as an agent.....
Yeah I know it sounds crazy, but we actually saw a gorilla selling a house today! In fact I had my handy dandy Flip video and caught it all on tape! You can see the actual video at www.mortgagemarketingcommunity.com.  
You know a lot of mentors/coaches preach a good game, but do they actually do the work? that has been a big question on the minds of a lot of loan officers. So, I decided to Put Shoe Leather to the Pavement on The Marketing Coach Show  While you are there, be sure to watch our other video on how ...

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