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Hey gang,Tune into www.bizzbuzzlive.com tomorrow to listen to some of the brightest business coaches in real estate and lending talk about sure-fire proven networking stratgeies desinged to help you generate more business! I just got the call to be a guest on this show and man the talent level is...
I love animated movies. While they are intended for children, I often find some great moments that we could use in our origination careers. Take for example the movie, Madagascar. In this great adventure, we find Marty, a zebra played by Chris Rock who wants to find out what is beyond the confine...
Good Friday Morning!I got an interest call yesterday from a loan officer in California who was inquiring about be coached. He thought that he needed to be further along in his career and that coaching was only for superstars. He felt that because he was early in his career, that coaching wasn't f...
Good morning gang! Just a thought here...I just got back in from the gym and a dentist appointment and getting ready for another great day! As I was checking the markets, seeing the latest mortgage casualties it occurred to me...where is the personal responsibility in all of this?Here is what I m...
With the credit world seemingly to fall all around us, lenders going belly up, loan products disapearing like David Blaine, it is real easy to fall into the rut of the sky is falling. But is it really falling? market run on two factros, fear and greed. Right now it is fear, but greed will return....

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