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I was cruising around the net looking for some things to recommend for visiting friends and I ran across a number of fun possibilities, all without leaving Temecula. So, I thought I'd share them with my AR friends and family. One of the first site Google obligingly turned up for me is a nice webs...
This is nice - a really concise explanation that anyone can understand. I love the cool little graphics you added! I'm re-blogging this one! Thanks! A Musical Introduction: "Should I Stay or Should I Go"? ... by the CLASH double-click -
Thanks so much for this post, Kerry. We all get Blogger's Block from time to time. It's very handy to have a list to refer to close by!Have a case of "Blogger's Block"?   Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to break through our "Block" and come up with new things to write about.  I thought it...
Just a few days ago, was predicting a double dip in housing prices. Today the data came out better than expected, increasing 4.2% in the second quarter compared to last year. Certainly that is better than a decline, but the stock market hardly reacted to the increase this morning. There's...
I confess that I find this to be completely baffling. How in the world do some listing agents expect other agents to show their properties when they just refuse to respond to requests for combo codes or other information? Even calls and emails which include the DRE number are often ignored! Not o...
I pass by Dorland Mountain Art Colony at least twice and week and always intend to find out more about it. The last time they had an open studio day I had prior committments, but this next time I'm making the tie to stop by! Thanks for the post! Events in Temecula - Dorland Mountain Arts Colony O...
You have been warned!  Here's the deal. A few weeks ago I attended Raincamp San Diego. I debated long and hard as to whether to go. This was a big commitment in time and money for me. Platinum ticket, two hour drive, a day away from the office, not to mention paying a dog sitter. Also, I'm not th...
I have worked with agents who have this and they love it. I will save a lot of time and faxing, and I'm going to sign up before my next transaction! Thanks for reminding us about this service, Suzanne!How are you taking your business to the next level?  Are you able to negotiate your deals online...
I don't quite have my iPhone grafted on surgically, but close... This is an awesome post!With all the super fast gee whiz toys around us today able to zip text, email, YouTubes, PDF contract files, and all sorts of images around the world at the push of a SEND key on a Smartphone we often forget ...
Recently I've been looking into a program called FARJHO (Flexible and Reversible Joint Home Ownership). I haven't done any deals with them, but it looks very interesting. They match up prospective home buyers who may have issues qualifiying for loan (even though they have a down payment and abili...

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