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This is the second post in a four part series focusing on business and incorporation strategies for Real Estate Professionals. If an employer offered you a 5% raise tomorrow, I imagine that you’d be pretty tickled. If that’s the case, the advice I’m going to give in this post will be the equival...
Allow me to introduce myself; I’m the XBanker – a business-financing insider, shedding some light on the murky world of small business lending and business credit. This is the first post in a 4 part series focusing on business strategies for Real Estate Professionals. Tom Peters’ article in Fast ...
According to a report from, H.U.D. spokesman Lemar Wooley states that FHA loan limits may rise by March 1st 2008. Amidst the quagmire of explanations regarding new conforming and FHA loan limit interpretations and implementation schedules, Mr. Wooley offers the most succinct lan...
For Dustin... Not because he asked, but because I admire him and his work. If you're a real estate or mortgage professional and looking for top internet marketing advice in a 'Web 2.0' world, one may now receive it from one of its founding fathers.
Project Lifeline, increasing Conforming and FHA loan limits, rate freezing...*Yack* The parables are mounting up in the face of Congress' threat to move H.R. 3609, The Emergency Home Ownership and Mortgage Equity Protection Act of 2007, and Senate (S. 2136, The Helping Families Save Their Homes i...
The following powerpoint preso is NSFW, or whatever you want to call it for having words like F**k in it. So if the word F**k offends you or anyone who may happen by your computer screen while reading it...don't read it (right now). It's a little long but worth the read. The iFrame may render the...
When the real estate and mortgage industries realize their traditional business models are now broken, the world will be a better place for all. Words of advice: Pay more attention to the Loss side of a P&L and the right side of the balance sheet. Too much attention toward generating more revenue...
Yahoo!, Zillow and Trulia Talk About Merging Ideas to Create a New Data Standards Format. Hooray! The single largest issue that bogs down better real estate Search is the hieroglyphical nature of the data between repositories (MLS' primarily). Many times cooperative yields far better results than...
Hubspot has been a favorite SEO resource of mine for almost a year now, for both their blog and marketing advice. Their Website Grader is a phenomenal tool and a 'must do' for any website proprietor. The information it yields in 20 seconds is worth what many SEO pundits will try and teach (and se...
There seems to be some varying opinion on how to interpret loan limit increases for Conforming and FHA type mortgages. I've read articles here that suggest a $650k Conforming loan limit while FHA mortgages will set a new limit based on (max) 175% of the subject property's County Median Home Price...

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