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A San Diego Realtor's blog that is usually focused on all things related to real estate--and which occasionally veers off the road
The market for homes with golf frontage in Carlsbad, CA is a hot one--and likely so in your geographical area as well.To cater to this niche, I created a special Golf Homes in Carlsbad page and am creating them for other granular San Diego communities as well to help serve this niche market bette...
I was showing homes around Carlsbad and Encinitas this past week, and for the second time in recent memory, encountered a urinal in a remodeled bathroom.I couldn't help but wonder if the solution came from a woman, who perhaps thought this a solution to keeping the toilet lid down. I somehow thin...
Baby Boomers have never been the silent sort, and more and more we are hearing their wishes in unison. Disclaimer: The San Diego real estate market is not like Las Vegas, or Tucson or Asheville or Biloxi and our home prices, though far more reasonable than they were a few years ago, are still qui...
Years ago, when we put our first home on the market, I insisted that the Realtor put NO SIGN in our yard. I did not want neighbors to know that we were selling or cause any disruption in our neighborhood. Our agent tried to explain the importance of a sign, but I was the incalcitrant client–and w...
Clearng clutter and unnecessaries at any age is not a bad idea!  Too often, we see people buy homes simply as a way to accommodate more "stuff." Baby Boomers do so will be a gift for their kids and grandkids at some point in time.Boomers Top 10 Tips To Let It Go!    Larry and Sheila do a consider...
What a surprise!  Have been a long-time fan of RealBirds and had bought the first Kindle when it came out. Have remained a fan of RealBird team, and have a renewed awe of Kindle with its FIRE!  Thanks Gabe, Zolatan and RealBird for the surprise:-)The recent RealBird sweepstakes ended on Nov 15 an...
Iron Fist Brewery Vista, CA–Our very own Eve Sieminski, along with her wonderful family, has opened a quiickly-growing brewery in Vista--and what a hit has become. San Diego is becoming (if not already) the beer micro-brewery capital of our country and the Iron Fist Brewing Company in Vista hold...
There are around 43000 zip codes in this country (it's a number that's always changing) and Forbes recently published their list of the 500 most expensive zips. I wrote a commentary in LuxuryHomeDigest about these most pricy zips in the country and thought there might be some interest here at Act...
Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world with an abysmal literacy rate. Schools have been demolished and many teachers have been either executed or banished from their home towns.  We could point fingers, find blame and have unending political discussions--but that just doesn't se...
How we wish the politicians/profiteers could fall under the jurisdiction of Lenn Harley and be forced to live by her logic! HEY FANNIE MAE.  I HEAR YOU'RE PLANNING A COOKOUT FOR THE 4TH OF JULY. GAMES FOR THE PARTY.  FANNIE MAE PLANS A TREASURE HUNT.  Hey Fannie Mae!  I heard you're COOKIN' UP so...

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