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The Definition of Realtor Insanity    "Scheduling closings for the end of the month time after time.... expecting to not have a problem THIS TIME"   (just sayin')       Tom Burris DallasLoanGuy.com NMLS# 335055 Dallas, TX 214-763-4629 cell/text/nights/weekends(really!!) http://www.dallasloanguy.c...
A very simple explanation from Donna Harris about the difference between pre-qualified and pre-aproved. This is a realtor that gets it!!  Call Donna for all your Real Estate needs in the Austin area!!!What's the difference between a Pre-Qual and a Pre-Approval? The letter I received from the lend...
Paula L. McDonald makes a good point here about why it is important to use a licensed contractor for any required repairs.Buyers beware!!  Insist on any negotiated/required repairs be completed by a PRO. A LISTING AGENT'S $$$$ DOLLAR MISTAKE A few months ago I posted about a transaction that I wa...
Home Loan After Loan Modification I got a call today by a gentleman who did a loan modification 4 months ago.Now he wants to rent that home out and buy another home 'closer to work'. Long story short..... He was denied. Here are my loan guidelines. I guess some lenders who portfolio their loans c...
FHA Rule on Collections Accounts Delayed. New Date July 1, 2012   For those aware, HUD has changed some underwriting guidelines and now will require collections that total $1,000 or more to be PAID before closing. There have been 2 comments by HUD since the release of Mortgagee Letter 2012-3 that...
The DallasLoanGuy cannot stress enough the importance of using a buyer's representative in a retail transaction. Regardless of whether you are buying an existing home or new construction.....The article below should be enough to scare you out of buying alone......    33 Steps REALTORs® do in orde...
Rapid Rescore CostsWhat is Rapid Rescore?A Rapid Rescore of a credit report is when a client provides documentation about erroneous information on their credit report…. And their Loan Officer submits these items to the credit bureaus to be updated. The loan officer doesn’t go directly like a cons...
Friends, Relatives & Real Estate/Mortgage Advice A LOT has changed in the world of Real Estate and Mortgages over the last few years.  That means that a Real Estate transaction today will be a LOT different than the transaction Cousin Eddie did 3 or 4 years ago.  While I suggest that my clients l...
Are YOU Pre-Approved in Texas? Here is your Pre-Approval Checklist.   W-2s.... Paystubs.... Tax Returns? What do you need?   See the above checklist and see...... And if you have questions, Call The DallasLoanGuy to go over your specific situation!!!!   Hey!!  Your Mortgage should be fun.... Cont...
 Mortgage triggers - Don't Let Your Loan Get Denied Last Minute   Mortgage triggers result in the collections that show up when a credit report is re-pulled a few days prior to closing.   Collection agencies or third party debt buyers can purchase a mortgage trigger list just as a lender might bu...

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Your Texas Louisiana Mortgage Loan Officer, Tom Burris, The Texas-LouisianaLoanGuy, has been arranging Home Loans since 2004. Stress Free Mortgage Process.... Thorough pre-approvals... Hyper communication with the client and realtor partner sets the Texas-LouisianaLoanGuy apart from the rest. Your Mortgage should be fun!!! Contact the DallasLoanGuy Today!!! 214-763-4629 cell/text/nights/weekends