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For those interested in the USDA loan.... Here is an update by a friend of mine. Darin knows his stuff    This is a very CRITICAL UPDATE and anyone using the USDA loan, or if you KNOW of someone using USDA loans, please pass this blog link along, or RE-BLOG it to your sphere!! I have included at ...
Hey guys.... Come see us!! I have proudly used Gynell for my appraisals in the past and will do so again in the future. This is a great networking event for meeting team members, partners and friends!!! Good times by all... Guaranteed!!!!     Metroplex Appraisal Services is a proud sponsor of the...
Jeff Belonger explains a comparison of FHA and Conventional loans. While FHA isn't the best choice in every situation... There is a reason why 60 - 70% of all loans are now FHA. They just make sense for a lot of people. Enjoy Jeff's article. I did!    FHA loans seem to be one of the main choice o...
Rapid Rescore….. What is it? Quite simply, it is what is says…. A rapid rescoring of the credit report with certain supporting documentation. What is it not? Well, it isn’t credit repair as the term has been commonly used. Rapid Rescore removes erroneous information from the credit report with so...
Hey guys!! I have attended this class. Donna put this together very well.... with lots of time built in for questions. The CE credits are worth the price of admission..... But the knowledge is invaluable!!! See you there.  I'm going to be in Dallas on July 17, 2009 and will be teaching two of my ...
Certainly, this article will spawn opinions on both sides. But it is good food for thought. I usually do not promote negativity.... and I am not calling Lewis negative. But a good observation of what is really going on. I think it will get a little worse before it gets any better.... guidelines a...
Is there such a thing as too much shopping for a mortgage loan? I believe so!   “What is your rate?” <= I get that question a lot. Hehe… I usually answer it like this. “Same as everyone else”. Well, it is true….. We sell our loans to the same people as my competitor does. We all have Fannie Mae d...
My son, Ethan, stretches a single into a double in the late innings to 'get something started'. We got the call last night.... Ethan was selected to the All-Star Team for his Little League Baseball team. He spent the next two hours calling family with the good news. He earned it... He was the one...
  Well, I don't like to toot my own horn too much!!! But since Darin is doing the tooting, I guess I will re-blog this for my subscribers. Thanks Darin!!       Well, he is an ACTIVE RAINER, an Evil Mortgage Genius, and a Cowboys Fan, but now he is also a "Guru of Wall st".      Congrats to TOM BU...
Updated info on the $8,000 Tax Credit and how it can now be used(via a loan). Beware: It is illegal to actually claim the credit before you close on your home. You are just now allowed to get a loan against it for closing costs. More to come, I am sure!         BUYER BEWARE of Tax Credit   The fi...

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