HELP!!  Is there anybody out there that can help me on putting an R symbol after the REALTOR? I got the accent codes for MacIntosh Intel processor but I still could not use the symbol R for the REALTOR even after following the instruction.  I have tried everything I could but still unsuccessful. ...
BUYER'S MARKET!!  Don't you think this is the best time right now to purchase a home whether it is the first time or not.? There are so many homes out there now that you can get the choice of what you want at a good price.  If you are looking to invest, it applies as well.  Everybody seems to be ...
I am new to this and have done only two blogs but it does not seem like anybody is interested in my topics since I am not getting any comments. Does everybody get comments on their posting? Anybody care to help me out here?  What am I not doing right?  Topics, I guess just like real estate in loc...
The Governor has just recently signed and passed the new proposal of dropping the property tax by an average of 7% this year and more in subsequent years under this agreement.  This would apply to all Florida homeowners including permanent and part-time residents as well as the commercial propert...
Most probably nobody knows of this little town called Ruskin.  So let me start by saying that this is a historic community located on the South shores area of Tampa Bay, the Little Manatee River and the Ruskin Inlet, approximately located 16 miles southeast of Tampa.  This town was founded in 190...

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