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Words and practices of encouragement. Based on the 4 way test..... 1. Fun 2. Learn 3. BP2..Bless and prosper before profits 4. Hero..... All combined with collaboration and transparency
Just a simple series of questions. 1.  What percentage of time do you prospect?         Time spent on generating New clients         Time spent on Evangelizing your current client base 2.  If you only had time and money to do three, what are the three prospecting methods?          What methods do...
In the life of an agent, you move through a series of cycles.... 1.  From the Unknown, to Known then to Evangelist.   In life, only two types of people: Known and unknown. However, If you stop there, you have a vicious circle constantly find more unknown..... on and on, so you need to learn how t...
Stop talking to people who don't need or want your products or services. Doesn't it makes sense to focus on those who are ready, willing and able to pay for your services. Forget about those who waste your time. What we do is shift your paradigm. In golf terms, we focus on the 4' putts instead of...
Let’s have some..... Challenge question......Let’s say you represent a client who wants to invest $150,000,000 only in real estate in the USA and is looking for a 3-7 year hold.  What would be your investment strategy, where would you invest, what type of real estate and when would you put the mo...
A friend send his Monday morning email with a video of mobile phone salesman from England..... I cried.... Believe in Yourself.....Have a wonderful day.... Now go....do...be all you can be....Terry McDaniel The Real Estate Evangelist
Greetings..... Just days away from 2008. This year will be different. I will save more money and spend less.... A good friend of mine just finished his first book..."The Secrets of Money: A Guide for Everyone on Practical Financial Literacy"  I like practical, easy to understand..... I've read en...
The power of clean, crisp mission statement takes more work and time than you can imagine. We all attempt to have one. Rarely does it mean what you wanted it to mean… For the past 12 months, I have been developing with my son Brad and some very faithful friends RealAgile…. Daily we discussed our...
The world is made-up of all kinds of people.....dreamers and doers.  We often float between our dreams and our actions,.... Today just remember three simple letters        C      Be Consistent        P      Be Persistent         A      Be Accountable  When you are trying to remember what to do or...
Good Morning... Just a few thoughts before Thanksgiving....."Everyone knows you either by what you say you will do, or by what you do." The doing part separates you from dreamers and the whata, shoulda, coulda group. If we are honest with ourselves, we have all said things to others or to ourselv...
 "The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty"---Winston Churchill  Think about the impact those two short sentences have on your life......  Don't kid yourself...  In times like this, we need to examine how we think.  Your dominate th...


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