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Real Estate because I LOVE IT and Staging because it works and is One of the most effective marketing tools a Realtor has in their marketing plan. I have been Staging since before there were stagers, and an observer of an evolving industry. So, most of my posts will be related to one or the other.
Can't wait to see our Texas friends! I am going to post our Expo Agenda, but FIRST: My Texas friends, if you had one day to play in the Houston area, what would you do?  Please let me know, as we have been working very hard and are choosing to take a day of fun before or after each expo as a rew...
Whenever I take a new listing, I include a home website.  One of the pages is for community (schools, local interest, etc.).  I always include the local farmers markets.  Now that we are budgeting ourselves more, I believe it's a good idea to buy locally and support our local farmers.  Also - vis...
Join the Contra Costa Association of Realtors on June 14, 2009 at Heather Farms Park.  We will be walking to benefit the Moses Guillory Perpetual Scholarship Fund and celebrating Green Fest to promote energy efficiency! Click here for a GreenWalk Registration Form.Click here for a GreenFest Spons...
There is a terrific and one of the most balanced articles I've seen regarding the housing market and potential for people buying now...while the market is nearly bottomed out.  It is Dave Kansas, editor at large for FILife and former WSJ editor, who wrote the "Wall street jounral Guild to the end...
OHHHH I love this post.  It is wisdom that should be part of the arsenal of every realtor and every stager when talking with clients.  We get so excited about doing the whole works that sometimes the client wonders if they really can stage.  YES they can, staging for any budget, just ask.  This ...
100,000 points...I started blogging here on AR in November of 2007.. 83 associations later, 73 subscribers, 126 posts here I am.  WHEW!!!   How did I get here??? Two featured posts...At first I strived for the "FEATURE"...what would the AR gods want to hear, read, know about that was feature wort...
Don't you just love it when you call a client and they are upbeat and positive about what you are doing?  The post I wrote about the http://activerain.com/blogsview/1016230/First-home-Ive-ever-listed-that-didnt-need-to-be-staged-first the first home I've listed that didn't need to be staged first...
I believe this is the message many of us want to deliver.  Sometimes we just grow weary of being the bearers of not such good news.  However, I believe our clients want and need to hear us say. Dear trusted client, (and friends), It is me, your Realtor.  I have often told you that I want to be yo...

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Real Estate and Staging and how it can enhance a seller's ROI (Return on Investment). I can advise on what makes a difference to your bottom line. Buyers like my analysis of seller's strategies to assist them in buying smart. www.terrylynn-n-team.com

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