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If you've been making your mortgage payment via U.S. mail every month, it might be time to update your technology now that most lenders offer easier, cheaper, faster and more reliable ways to pay.   Here's a look at pros and cons of the various methods of making a mortgage payment:   1. Online ba...
The Federal Open Market Committee decided Wednesday to keep purchasing additional agency mortgage-backed securities at its current pace to foster the ongoing housing recovery and fight unemployment.   In other words, the market was tricked -- no tapering just yet -- despite numerous predictions o...
Trying to secure a mortgage right now? From higher mortgage rates, to rising home prices to the contraction in buying power -- securing financing, for some, can be no easy endeavor. As prices, and rates rise simultaneously, lenders will still place the weighted emphasis on "real income," or, the...
Each time you take on a home remodeling job yourself you are going to face a myriad of flaws and difficulties. It just includes the region of trying something brand-new and wishing to do it flawlessly the initial time around. As you do an increasing number of tasks on your own, your capabilities ...
You’ve gone to the open house. You’ve had a private showing. You’ve read the disclosures. You’ve decided this is the house for you, and you’re ready to make an offer.   Before you take that step, though, you should fully check out the neighborhood. After all, this is where you’re going to live fo...
Mortgage agreements can be complex documents, leaving many borrowers confused and misinformed. If you’re currently in the market to buy a home, here are five common mortgage myths that you should know about before you sign on the dotted line.     1. Pre-qualification and pre-approval are not the...
Home prices rising in most areas of the country, a lot of us are building home equity again. And when equity builds, it’s tempting to tap it. Used wisely, home equity can send your kids to college or launch a business. But there’s a real risk to using home equity loans — they can make you more su...
It's getting harder for many first-time buyers to afford a home in many markets across the country. The average rate on a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage has climbed 16% in the past year, at the same time that the median home price shot up 14%. In the past couple of months, lenders say, buyers looki...
Wall Street's billion-dollar bargain hunt for homes in depressed markets across the United States appears to have plateaued, potentially helping to cool the steep run-up in home prices and bring first-time buyers back into the market. "Investors helped stabilize a housing market that was in free...

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