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Who reads more than headlines today? We're inidated everywhere we look. But, what is the news doing for our confidence. The Title of this post is the front page story of the Statesman Journal. People around town have a nicer name more sacrastic name for it. My argument is that while most of us sc...
I like Luke Wilson as an actor. I was on netflix and I saw a movie entitled Henry Poole Is Here. Kind of a an indie film that is slow at times and inspirational. I don't want to give the whole thing away but in the first scene Henry is shown a house and he proceeds to buy it no inspection or nego...
A couple of years ago I came up with this idea for why home prices were inflating. With most of my clients I was seeing concession for closing costs. It often made me wonder if by adding 3% to the full listing price to come up with sales price if that caused the inflation. I thought about it as a...
Let it be known I am a nice husband. I went with my wife to yet another chickflick. This time is was He's just not that into you. Overall pretty good and fairly clean. The reason for my post is one of the character is Real Estate Broker, I am always interested in seeing how we are portrayed. Thi...
News travels fast and I opened a can of worms or should I say fish. I got a follow up call and Maria knew about my post here. Salem homes for sale is for sale for a small fee. I told her that I didn't believe in the site. I told her I had not seen in my market or heard about it in my sphere. Look...
Maria from Leapfish called me about buying a spot on the top and bottom of Leapfish. Does anyone have experience or results from this.   Seems to make sense but who has heard of Leapfish and who uses it? I am thinking about Salem homes for sale or Salem Real Estate . Please advise.
Listings are the life blood of our business, but after increased market times and abnormally large inventory taking a listing is a chore. Getting it sold is a job. So, when contacted to list a property the usaual glee is now gloom. So, how did a house sell in two weeks in this market? Price and C...
Many of you know I was recently elected to the Salem Association of REALTORS Board of Directors. That appointment has opened my eyes to the many facets of Real Estate as well as what the association does. Because of this I was excited to attend REALTOR Day at the Capitol. In past years attendance...
You read it right. $8,000 as a tax credit for buying a house. Rules and restrictions apply but what a deal. Read all about it here Nation Association of Realtors did a survey in 2007 stating that an average buyer spends about $9,000 after purchasing the hom...
If you are like me you know some people. You probably don't remember everyone you grew up with or meet but every once in a while they resurface and you connect. The power of Facebook is amazing. Some I have been found by many and found some too. It is awesome to see what others are doing and were...

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