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Psychologists agree that the ability to concentrate is key to achieving our goals. But today's high-tech world is full of distractions, from thousands of cable TV channels to millions of internet sites, with smart phones constantly within reach. Some experts say our attention span is actually shr...
The final regulations were released last week for the new Affordable Care Act this past week. The biggest point in this legislation for most of us will be the additional .9% tax on income. This tax kicks in at income for singles at the $200,000 and above income level. This tax kicks in for marrie...
Form 1099 Filing Requirements: What you need to know The IRS works constantly to improve income reporting by taxpayers. One tool they employ is requiring businesses to file “information returns” that tell the IRS about amounts the business paid out that should be reported by the recipients as inc...
Anyone think the price of a gallon of gas has gone down this past year? Has the cost of driving your car gone down this past year?  Well guess what! The IRS just released the mileage rates for 2014 and the standard mileage rate has dropped to 56 cents per mile from 56.5 cents. I know that’s not m...
Tax collectors generally don't choose their line of work for the pay., a gossipy website covering salaries and careers, reports the average Revenue Agent earns $73,967. tells us the average criminal investigator earns $99,000 — which makes sense considering there's a...
We have a new e-brochure for agents just getting started. You should also see the brochures for making the right entity choice, Tax Guide for vehicle expenses, Tax rules for deducting T and E.  Just go to and on the left is a tab for downloads. I also have a presentation for “...
Some of you may have a team large enough to have an assistant who helps you with your office needs and general accounting. Here is a way to help a vet and yourself. The key factors for what is known as the “Work Opportunity Tax Credit” are as follows:. 1) Deadline for hiring is December 31st 2013...
December is here, and for millions of college football fans, that means following their favorite coach to a New Year's bowl game. In Tuscaloosa, Alabama's Nick Saban is reeling from the Crimson Tide's last-second loss to archrival Auburn in this year's "Iron Bowl." In Columbus, Ohio State's Urban...
And all is well in the world of Oklahoma High School football as the Jenks Trojan’s will face the Union Redskins for the 18 consecutive year for the state large school football championship. Jenks has won 10 while Union has won 7. Jenks played Westmoore last night in the quarterfinals. Jenks scor...
In Shakespeare's most recognized tragedy, the star-crossed lover Juliet asks "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Now, that may have been true back in Juliet's day. But is it still true now in today's era of celebrity branding? Here's the deal. Bac...

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