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QUICK TIP TAX TIP EXTENSION BASICS2022 Tax ReturnCommon Reasons to File an Extension       Haven’t received all of your tax documents       Don’t want to feel rushed        Still need to organize your business expenses        Unexpected life, Shxt Happens Purpose of ExtensionTo obtain additional ...
How to stay clear of shady tax preparersTips on carefully choosing tax professionalsHow to avoid unscrupulous tax return preparers and how to find the right tax professional. People should be careful of shady tax professionals and watch for common warning signs, including charging a fee based on ...
When and Why will the IRS contact you in person ?Not Often but in some situations! Most IRS contacts are through regular mail delivered by the United States Postal Service. However, there are limited circumstances  when the IRS will come to a home or business as part of a collection investigation...
HAWAII TAX PROBLEMS?No Mainland National Firm Can Actually Help You Even If They Say They Can‼️😱 Hawaii Department of Taxation Basics Some Need to Know things about Hawaii Tax Issues I want to provide you with some basic information about common Hawaii taxes. Again, let me stress the basics. As w...
Received a Distraint Warrant from the IRS in the Mail?Think is Real, Thing Again because it is absolutely NOT! Fake tax warrants Has a distrant warrant been delivered to your door, claiming that the taxman has come calling? You’re not alone – in recent weeks there’s been an influx of fake warrant...
 Is your back Tax Debt Assigned to a Private Collection Agency?It’s your lucky day, really it is! Oh boy, when the IRS turns your case over to a private collection agency, it's like being thrown into a pit of hungry wolves. These folks are relentless and won't stop until they've gotten every penn...

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