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What a wonderful and caring community Active Rain is! I have gotten a ton of comments that are well intentioned and fun...:) I regret to say that I did not do anything today to increase my points, but I do have an excuse (althought a totally lame one!) A major dissapointment of my week is that wh...
I am offically beating Jack Johnson on Active Rain! (All is right in the world!)
So I found this really cool site that lets you make your Active Rain Blog beautiful! It literally took me just a couple of minutes to make a header image, change the backgrounds and make it look all snazzy!!! (I like snazzy) In my first post a realtor mentione...
So I just started today on Active Rain and I have to say that overall I have been terribly pleased with the simplicity and ease of use. I have it on good authority that it is a great source of information and contact with buyers and sellers interested in working with realtors in the Clearwater, F...

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