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Random postings, about my family (does anyone care?), about my community (of course you care!), my philosophies of life (it's Ann Arbor, everyone cares...), and cats (don't care if you care), and my passions, real estate and design. I hope not to offend. Enjoy!
I really should start out all of my posts by saying, "I really should be going to bed now."  But here I am again, posting at a very inappropriate time - and I have a 7 AM meeting!  Oh well, here goes.Let's start with the rambling.  My seventeen year old senior son has a girlfriend of 4 months.  I...
I was having a good old time here on active rain and given the time, decided I better turn in.  I checked my still open KW email and found once again an email from a local agent I do not know, have never done business with, not even a showing on either side, promoting their new listing and/or pri...
I am a newbie in this profession, nowhere near the newbie I used to be now that I have three full seasons under my belt, but I know I still have a lot to learn.  Real estate is not a part time occupation for me, a passing fancy, a get-rich-quick scheme.  I am in this for the long haul, wishing I ...
Over nine years ago, my family bought and moved into a 4 year old property, the youngest home we had ever owned.  All the interior walls were still white but there was a wallpaper border high up in the kitchen and oddly all 2.5 of the baths were wallpapered to the hilt.  It was practically a blan...
As a new realtor three years ago, I received a lot of advice.  Conflicting advice in many instances as it turned out.  My plan was to be a buyer specialist initially but where would I get buyers?  Hold open houses.  But I had no listings!  Hold them for other agents. OK!I offered to hold open hou...
OK, so here I am again at midnight finally doing something I like to do, write, directly related to the thing I love to do, real estate.  But I have to say, Michigan is trying my last nerve as a realtor trying to hold on.I have been in this business for only three years, deciding to enter the pro...
This is a roundabout way to start this commentary but years ago I worked in a high end restaurant in East Hampton Township, village of Montauk, Long Island, NY, playground of the rich and famous of NYC .  I learned a lot about food that I probably never would have learned anywhere else.  I skinne...
I was jogged to check out Zillow once again by a news release that they had received a $30 million dollar packet in a business proposal. For curiosity, I went there once again and typed in my own address to see what would come up as value and comparables.  The value was a bit lower than I had hop...

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