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Random postings, about my family (does anyone care?), about my community (of course you care!), my philosophies of life (it's Ann Arbor, everyone cares...), and cats (don't care if you care), and my passions, real estate and design. I hope not to offend. Enjoy!
These past few years have been trying times here in Michigan.  I entered this profession just as the market was declining and worried about what I had done.Well, here I am three years later, business increasing at a slow but acceptable pace.  I am a sole agent hiring my family and the occasional ...
I know these are trying times we live in but I NEVER thought I would attend a sheriff's sale to ascertain for a friend if their property really did sell to the bank that day.  But I did, my first sheriff's sale ever.  The husband was going to go to the sale but I think it is good he was otherwise...
I look at my photo and though I hated it when I finally settled on this shot and have come to accept it, I know I can do better.  But what is the ideal?  I want to look like myself.  I do not want to use a photo of me from my college graduation in the dark ages and pretend that is me now as some ...
I hope that CESP doesn't stand for something I don't know about since I "invented" it for this blog.  I have about 7 weeks left to do my continuing ed credits here in Michigan and I am hoping to find a course that fills the non-legal requirements of 4 credits.  I would like to focus on the stagin...
I was recently critiqued for my work-from-home stance, quizzed extensively, and told to get a free cubicle in the newbie section of the company office.  Well, essentially, there are so few offices available in our place that the newbie section is the only space available and I marked my territory...
What a cliche!  But oh so true.  As realtors, we sell buildings, people leaving, people arriving.  A realtor has distance, unlike that of buyers or sellers of a property for the place they have or will call "home".  We can be excited for them, we can work very hard finding them just the right pla...
There are some wildly popular real estate shows on television these days featuring very outspoken realtors.  I know it is TV and the sellers have subjected themselves to it, but I can't see things so happily playing out in most of the real world with those methods.  How many insults can a seller ...
Recently I was sidelined by someone in my office about attending training sessions.  I have no problem attending training sessions if I am going to learn something new.  If I have already "learned" it and have not put it into practice, then it probably it isn't for me.  The chat lasted at least a...
I'm not talking a cup of caffeine of choice.  I'm talking bone tired.  Driving home from work and wondering if following the path of the slow car ahead will be enough to get me home.  I'm that tired.  When I got home today, I took off my blazer and jewelry, turned on the overhead fan, shouted to ...
Despite my dislike of open houses, I held a broker open the other day.  I was happy to show off the flipped house of investors of mine; they really wanted me to do it.  I remember it upon purchase in July, shirts pulled up over our noses to mask the horrific odor of the place.  It has been a true...

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