Warren Buffett's quote, "A simple rule dictates my buying: Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful" is such a great lesson. Housing is where most of the US recovery plan dollars are being spent. Even Warren Buffett is buying real estate companies right now. Read t...
I am getting the impression that people have this building sense of anticipation for this November's elections and are hesitant to make any home buying or selling decisions until they know the outcome.  We have an agent in the office whose buyer client said that they will buy a home in November -...
Sales statistics for homes $1,000,000 and above in Washington, DC, for August 2008:   45 homes settled in the District for $1,000,000 or above in August.  Of those 45 homes, the average sales price was $1,849,073 for an average home size of 4 bedrooms.  The average property was on the market for ...
Now, back to business.  Recently, Congress passed the Housing and Economic Stimulus Recovery Act of 2008.  As part of this package, qualified first-time home buyers can receive a tax credit of up to $7,500 for purchasing a home this year.  This is not merely an itemized deduction - it is a direct...
So, I am sure some of you noticed that I have not posted to my blog in awhile.  I have had some very exciting personal developments over the past few weeks.  I was adopted as a child at 3 days old, and on July 18th, I found my biological family!  Through a long search and a series of unusual coin...
Most real estate agents know that 99% of the time open houses do not sell homes.  Typically, a serious and capable buyer uses a buyer's agent who shows them the property on a different day and time in the course of showing multiple properties that fit their needs.  However, most sellers are hooke...
I am blogging to you from my new Blackerry Curve. This is so cool! Technology today just blows my mind. This opens up all new blogging possibilities! Stay tuned.
Glover Park's cool quotient just rose exponentially.  It is fast becoming home to many young professionals - many of whom are "DINK"s (double-income-no-kids) - who want some good places to blow off steam and a wide variety of good food to choose from when they go out. Recently, we saw the opening...
This chart was put together by our preferred lender, Prosperity Mortgage, and uses very conservative numbers on the buying side and very liberal numbers on the renting side.  If you show me an investment vehicle that will earn me a 10% return, sign me up!  :-)  I thought the results were interest...
    DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ABSORPTION RATE           SINGLE FAMILY HOMES           AS OF               AVG AVG PRICE RANGE TOTAL TOTAL CLOSED ABSORPTION DOMP DOMP   ACTIVES   RATE SOLD ACTIVE             0 - 149,999 27 16   (3.2/month) 27/3.2=   8.44 months 71 744 150,000 - 199,999 83 23   (4.6/mo...

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