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   Protect Yourself At Open Houses    The TEXAS REALTOR monthly magazine issue for June has an excellent article written by Ty Williams entitled, "Six  Ways to Protect Yourself at Open Houses. As noted in the magazine you can get more safety tips at
   Almost Wordless Wednesday!     Ah... Wednesday!  Hump Day! The day that tells us that the rest of the week is all down hill. I feel like the dog in this picture. I have my head hanging out the window enjoying the feel of the wind in my face. (My tongue is not hanging out of my mouth.)  I guess...
   How to Stay Happier in Just Minutes Per Day    Here is something I read this week I think it is a good idea for some of us. Send a quick email to someone who has helped you in the past or that you enjoy working with. Knowing that making that person feel good will help you feel good too! Sit qu...
 Throw Back Thursday1924 to 1926 Methodist Church Cook Book  My mother-in-law, Miss Joyce, helps each year with the church garage sale. I always am the recipient of many exciting and strange gifts. This year among the treasures I received was this awesome cookbook!      I was sure to copy for you...
 Oy Vey!   Oh yes,  it has been that kind of two weeks. I was thinking how very much I needed words of encouragement and "Oh Vey" kept coming to mind.  I kept thinking only my Active Rain brothers and sisters would understand.   Yet, Oy Vey, still persistently repeated itself. Then I wondered wha...
"What city within twenty miles from Atlanta Georgia is the most fun to live in? That is where we want to live! I know you were born in Columbus, Georgia so you must know where all the fun cities are!" Exclaimed my granddaughter. Hmm, I thought, I left when I was a few weeks old. So, no, I do not ...
 Throw Back Thursday... In Palomino State Park Every Easter my parents would buy my sister and me a new dress and a new pair of patent leather shoes for the holiday.  We never got new Easter baskets and we used the same one year after year. We also hard boiled and colored dyed eggs that our paren...
Lease a Home In League City There are currently forty-eight homes in League City for lease. They are priced from $995.00 to $4,500; the numbers of bedrooms vary from one to 5 bedrooms. The square footage starts at 584 with the largest one at 3,139-square feet. These homes all have at least one fu...
There are currently 67 homes in Pearland for lease.They are priced from $910.00 to $5,000; the numbers of bedrooms vary from one to 5 bedrooms. The square footage starts at 300 with the largest one at 4,335-square feet. These homes all have at least one full bathroom, but some have up to five! Th...

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