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Seattle Realtor and Staging Professional gives Tips and Hints on How to Sell Your Home Faster and at a Higher Price, and for Buyers on How to Make Your New Home into a Model.
I send out a monthly email titled "favorites" to my clients that links back to some of my favorite things on my blog. It's easy and un-obtrusive. Clients can opt-out if they want to, but in a year of doing it so far no one has asked to be removed from the list! If you want to borrow some of my "h...
In my opinion, this is the best house in the Bryant/Wedgwood area in this price range. If you've been looking for UW student housing consider this; Instead of renting a funky apartment in a sketchy neighborhood for a small fortune, why not buy this house and let your very responsible child/studen...
How do you dress a long, skinny living room? The same way you dress a tall, skinny woman! Put a belt on! In this case, the belt is actually going to be the couch that intersects the room with a sofa table behind it, thus creating a formal entry and an intimate conversation area. In Seattle we ha...
I don't know what the rules and regulations are in other parts of the country, but the MLS in Washington State will not allow agents to include any information regarding open houses in their marketing remarks. Now the marketing remarks consist of 500 characters that are swept by all other web sit...
If you'd like to try a restaurant that's totally different, for Valentine's Day or for any other occasion, check out Joule in Wallingford . It's only three months old but I'm highly impressed the atmosphere, execution, and service. Their French-Korean Fusion menu features unique combinations that...
We had everything from appetizers to dessert plus drinks for four people and the total was under $100! Each plate was better than the last! Fun, delicious, and local. "Black Bottle is a casual tavern committed to good eating and great drinks, offered at fair prices. Every dish is made fresh-to-or...
 Seattle Realtor Causes 100 Car Pile-up on I-75.This was the headline that was flashing before my eyes as I was spinning out of control, across two lanes of traffic, while driving through a classic Michigan blizzard. It was almost 5pm and I was just north of Flint so it was pretty much a sure bet...
How about 7? That's what I used to create wall art for this boring white wall. Just 7 inexpensive plates from Marshall's or TJ Maxx or one of those places. All you do is layout your pattern, put little plate hangers on them and pop them on the wall. So the next time you're looking for art work, e...
This is a conversion of a Historic Garden Home project. Unfortunately, the seller did not call me in until after they had painted everything white. White walls, white molding, white everything! What's a girl to do? Why, add some inexpensive window treatments,of course!. The panels from JC Penney'...
 This is Part II of "Window Treatments to the Rescue."Now, I know this is not on par with the window treatments that Scarlet O'Hara ripped off the wall and transformed into a frock to impress Rhett Butler, but...           They do the trick when it comes to blocking out a parking lot without blo...

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