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Seattle Realtor and Staging Professional gives Tips and Hints on How to Sell Your Home Faster and at a Higher Price, and for Buyers on How to Make Your New Home into a Model.
The 1st thing you need to know about this property is that the square footage from KCR is NOT accurate. This house is significantly bigger. The 2nd thing is this: this is the very best value in all of Renton. Oak floors, vaulted ceilings, 2 full spa-like bathrooms & a romantic mastersuite all sit...
My dad, Leslie Hilton Shadwell, was born in 1922 at the beginning of the Roaring Twenties and came of age during the great Depression. The last of six children, he was what was affectionately known as a “change of life baby:” Well loved and yet never spoiled. A classic Libra, he was slow to anger...
Recently I put together a list of all my favorite retailers for home decor and remodeling. I emailed it to my clients and asked them to email me back with their suggestions. This is a really easy way to stay in touch with your clients and have them forward your expertise on to their friends and f...
For years I fought ear infections with my Lhasas and if you have a dog with long floppy ears, you probably have too! I would have to say in most cases, the ear infection won. Then I met Dr. Jacqueline Obando who is trained in both the traditional and naturopathic veterinary sciences. In one quick...
A client of mine called me up the other day to ask me about Time Shares. It could just be because it's almost June and we're still wearing our coats. That being said, I'm trying to pull together some info on the subject.  I have to admit that I have no expertise in, or even opinions on, this area...
Bathroom Chat Part II While following Kathy Somer's blog on faux staging last week (that topic was beat to death, but here it is if you were living under a rock and missed it...) something came up over and over again that I'd like to challenge address. Stagers keep talking about tying their towel...
I know many things go better with Coke, but cut lilacs last longer, look fresher, and smell even better when fed a diet of 1 part 7 Up (NOT diet) and 2 parts water. Before you put them in the vase, smash the ends of the stems with a hammer or meat tenderizing mallet. It allows more water to be ab...
Easier, Breezier, (Less Fattening Too!) Eggs Benedict … For Mother’s Day or Anytime!The secret to this recipe is definitely in the sauce…! Shop Locally, Support Your Neighborhood Farmer’s MarketNow that the weather is finally getting nice, you can find farm-fresh produce right in your own neighbo...
This is a comment I received from a couple in Amsterdam on my ‘How do you dress a long, skinny living room?’ blog.  This is a challenge if ever I’ve seen one so if you would like to chime in, I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated by Simon and Jennifer.  Long Skinny Living Room Blog  Hello ever...
Finding original artwork isn't that hard, but getting it framed is another story. It's not that easy to do yourself and it's ridiculously expensive to have it done professionally UNTIL NOW.  Richard Lawson, one of my favorite Seattle photographers kindly supplied me with prints of the images you ...

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