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Seattle Realtor and Staging Professional gives Tips and Hints on How to Sell Your Home Faster and at a Higher Price, and for Buyers on How to Make Your New Home into a Model.
How Did My Neighbor Get 76,000K (22%) More for Her Condo in 6 Months?  This is what the owner of condo A had to be asking herself when Condo B closed. Same square footage, and the same floor plan. Even our furiously paced market cannot account for this difference. So what was it? 1)  I have to gi...
You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.  The typical 90’s kitchen filled with ‘golden oak’, laminate countertops, and a skimpy little backsplash.  Although it’s spacious, well laid out, in very good condition, today’s buyers could care less.  They want what they want, and what they want will typi...
Whether You're Buying, Selling or Dwelling... For Buyers: Although the recovery of Seattle’s real estate market has been a boon for sellers, it’s been a head-banging experience for buyers.   Lack of inventory has created a climate of bidding wars the like of which we have never seen.  Once you fi...
Right after Christmas, I was approached by a seller who was trying to flip a house in Ballard.  It had been languishing on the market for over three months.  After doing a walk-through and looking at comps, I told them to take it off the market for a week, install a set of French doors in one of ...
       Although the general real estate market is still a little sluggish in Seattle, the rental market is a totally different story. Last month, my clients had to re-rent their house on Queen Anne. They posted an ad with only one exterior picture on Craig's list and got over one hundred response...
                              How many time have you been stopped in your tracks by the pink elephant! Especially when your clients don't have the money or the will to replace the offending fixtures. Well here's a fast and inexpensive fix to taming the beast. I had my clients paint the cabinetry...
Sectional couches are wonderful.  They are big enough for your whole family, including the 4 footed members, and after Thanksgiving dinner, three or four people can pass out at the same time.  But when it comes to selling your house, sometimes a sectional can just be too much of a good thing.   T...
My clients were recently faced with the challenge of placing their parents in an assisted living facility and selling their home.  This is how we did it, step by step, in seven days. (From the time we listed it!) 1.     This is the most important part.  They moved their folks into the assisted li...
I was enjoying a leisurely breakfast a couple of weeks ago when I smelled something electrical burning.  I quickly followed the smell down to my basement and, much to my shock, I found my old electric water heater had flames coming out of the bottom of it!  It was surrounded by all sorts of store...
No it's not what you think. It's just another way to make a bed without dragging out a ton of linens. First of all you don't need a full set of sheets. A flat twin will do if you put it on sideways and short sheet the bed. Needless to say, don't try this in an occupied home. You can use a king si...

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