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Today the candidate of your choice will be elected as the next President of the United States of America … or he will not. What happens tomorrow? Tomorrow begins a new era. The effect that the new president-elect will have on your reality depends not only on him, his energy, his thoughts, his bel...
This article is from the Long Island Press and features my wife/colleague Karen Garvey. Lately, all one hears about is the awful economy: Business is down, real estate is tanking, stocks are seesawing. And yet, some experts say that while the ailing economy's prognosis is guarded, there are some ...
You set your goal, put a plan in writing, and examined some of the potential obstacles that may stand in your way of success.  Nice work!  However, now comes the challenging part: how do you keep your momentum and enthusiasm high so that you follow through? Success in this phase separates the ext...
Many people do not understand the first step in creating the life they want. The all-important first step is to have a goal. Not just a notion or vague idea, but a tangible, well thought-out goal. Write down your goal on an index card and carry it with you. Read and reflect upon it several times ...

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