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There’s a lot to be said for stability. Regular routines have a way of balancing the life and allowing things to remain in focus. For those who do not like too many surprises in the financial department, a Delaware Fixed Rate Mortgage will fit nicely into a predictable routine. Simply, a ‘fixed r...
Building or buying a home is a project that causes some people to begin a collection of scribbled sticky notes and carry a steno book filled with phone numbers, estimations and possible combinations of loan terms and monthly payment schedules. The maze of paper produces valuable information to he...
Buying a house always gives people mixed feelings. Considering the memories that will be created in the new home, the feeling of accomplishment and ownership that comes with the new home purchase, and even the frustrations of remodeling and furnishing the abode, a house is one of, if not the most...
  The Housing Market today is quite volatile, and the best idea for buyers is to find the safest deal ever for their housing concerns. For banks, their first priority is to assure repayment of the mortgage, as well as making sure customers are 100% sure that they are able to pay for their mortgag...
Many of life’s problems have no simple solutions. One large debt resulting from several smaller debts can create a mountain of misery when it comes to personal finances. Mortgage payments, credit card payments, service fees, late charges and finance charges mount up quickly and leave little room ...
Prospective home buyers in Delaware need not relinquish the dream of owning a home even with a limited down payment or poor credit. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), an arm of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, (HUD), facilitates securing home loans and mortgages by insur...

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