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I specialize in Private Money and Hard Money across the country. However, being based in Los Angeles I provide some incredible products that Southern Californians need to be aware of.   Why do you care about Private Money?Look, you need to close more deals. I am not sure what kind of realtor or i...
Rates? Who needs rates?The one thing about being a Private Money and Hard Money lender is that I am not dictated by rates. I am simply guided by how much money my investors are looking for. They have a certain yield in mind and we strive to deliver on that yield and return for them. You see I nev...
Ain't nothing but a G-thangWhen I market my business I am way more into the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factor of online marketing. I love Search Engine Optimization. I know that Google runs the world and we all go to the G when we are searching for... well... anything. You want to know what...
Free RainMaker account with 500,000 points Look, I literally just started using this platform last night. I wrote my first blog post late last evening and poured a bunch of time into it and made it look all pretty (check it out here if you haven't read it yet). It's an informative post, and hones...
I have been in the middle of an epic ridiculous battle that you cannot believe. I have a client who is a fix and flipper and we were in the middle of refinancing his home before he sold it so he can buy another property. Everything was great, loan docs were out, signed, and the wire was sent from...
Reading below I thought it was good to highlight milestones in the community. Very interesting information about the 500,000 points. Bottom line, it seems like it is pretty difficult to get 10,000 points in a week. Yiou have to be very active with blogging, logging in all day etc... I wonder how ...
100% LTV Financing - The Myth Is True In the world of real estate investing one thing is always true. The more properties you can buy the more money you can potentially make. Ok, you might think this inherently obvious, but many people don't realize this. Too many times when someone is looking to...

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