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ANNOUNCEMENT Since I decided to get my Broker's license, I decided it was time to go on my own.  My new Brokerage is called:                                                I am really excited to finally be doing this as this has been long overdue.                  
I finally passed the Virginia Brokers exam.  It is the next step in my real estate career.  I have been procrastinating for a couple of years in doing this and now I can say I finally accomplished this goal.  Feels really good to have completed this. It was definitely not an easy test and had to ...
The short sale process has improved tremendously over the past year with Bank of America (my opinion).  There are still a lot of people that don't understand that this is an option for them even if they have 2 mortgages with Bank of America.  I have successfully completed short sales with 1st and...
I have started studying for my Brokers License since I feel it is the next step in my career.  I really enjoy real estate and find it very satisfying. I have been procrastinating this move for about a year and decided that it is time for me to get moving on this. I am told that this is very diffi...
A few weeks ago, I received a call from someone who has found me through someone who I have helped in the past, asking me for advice on their ongoing short sale.  They just had some questions, even though they have an agent working for them, but they called me because I have experience in bankrup...
I have been given so many reasons why someone should short sale their home.  Let me give you some of the reasons:   1.  My house is upside down, I can afford the payment, I just don't want to pay it. 2.  My neighbor sold his house as a short sale, I should be able to also. 3.  I am angry with my ...
  I get a phone call yesterday and it was someone interested in viewing my listing.  I asked him if he had an agent, he said "No, and I don't want one, because I can get a better deal if I don't have an agent".   WOW!!! How wrong was he.  It is so important for buyers to be represented by a Profe...
I always said March is the time to get organized, start farming some neighborhoods with some fresh postcards, re-look at my business cards (see if the picture still looks like me), come up with a spring market schedule, decide on what advertising I want to do this season and plan to sell more hom...
I decided to start a new group called Best of the Best in the Real Estate Industry for everyone in the Real Estate Industry to post about a great company, lender, sign company, inspector, stager, etc. . . or anyone that made their real estate transaction more smoothly.  Someone or Something that ...
Yesterday was the day before closing on a home for my "first time home buyers" and today was the closing date which is not going to be the closing date according to Wells Fargo.  They are not prepared to close because of excuses of all kinds.  3 Days ago, I asked, is there anything else you need ...

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