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This is my blog where I discuss things I find interesting, including: real estate, venture capital, entrepreneurship, economics and pop culture.
Home values in my neighborhood of Madison Park (the orange line) have really tanked the last six months compared with Laurelhurst and Montlake. Brutal. Zillow Home Value IndexYou need the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player.Download the free Flash Player now!More Madison Park Home Values
This paper scared me very badly, so as a form of therapy I figured I’d share it with you. Misery loves company, after all. Governments around the world are already drowning in debt, and many countries face a high certainty of debt levels that will exceed their GDP (100 in the graphs below means t...
Hitwise just released their February 2010 real estate report showing the traffic on the top 20 real estate sites. Zillow is #2 behind Realtor.com. Perhaps even more interesting, check out the second image below which shows real estate search terms and note Zillow in the #2 and #5 spot. Zillow get...
I’ve recently blogged about Zillow Mortgage Marketplace and the fact that it has proven to be a terrific platform for lenders to connect with borrowers. Unfortunately this is one of those products where success doesn’t necessarily beget more success because borrowers aren’t prone to brag to their...
Wow, is this really the FIFTH RainCamp already?  That means over 1600 agents have experienced the awesomeness that is RainCamp, and now have the knowledge and tools to dominate online.  And because the house keeps selling out each time, the cities keep coming!  Next up, Denver, CO on March 9th.  ...
Ever hear the question "But Zillow says..."?  Maybe once or twice?  We at Zillow have put together a program that we are hosting in cities across the US to help you better respond to this and learn how to fully utilize all that Zillow has to offer real estate professionals.  Spencer Rascoff recen...
I just finished wrapping up my San Francisco "Zillow A to Z" event where I spent about an hour talking with a lot of agents about how to make the most out of Zillow. Thanks to all those who showed up! I enjoyed it very much. Here is the presentation. We have upcoming free events planned for Seatt...
As readers of this blog know, I'm fascinated by tax cuts and whether or not they're stimulative. I think that's one of the most important economic questions facing America. After all, if there were agreement on whether tax cuts stimulate the economy (and to go a step further, if there were agreem...
I try to avoid salesly blog posts about Zillow's products, but occasionally I can't help myself. This is one of those times. Zillow Mortgage Marketplace has been in existence for around 18 months. If you don't know how it works, please watch the video here. But here's a quick primer. Borrowers fi...
El Dorado California police seized more marijuana from a home than the entire house is worth. From the local Fox news station: "The street value of the 1,000 marijuana plants seized today is estimated at $700,000. By comparison, the 4,000 square foot home where the pot plants were found is worth ...

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