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Insights and information on everything that sunny southern Utah offers from 12 challenging golf courses to world-class entertainment to fishing and camping in State and National Parks nearby, many major events, hiking and biking trails with picturesque surroundings! Year 'round outdoor activities that aim to please anyone and everyone. I'd love to be of service to you. I cover the following areas: - St. George - Hurricane - Washington City - Santa Clara - Ivins - Central - New Harmony - Pine Valley - Toquerville - Veyo - Central
Nerdin Gardens: Back in Bees-ness! Late last fall, our honey bee's decided to swarm off, venturing on to a new home. Not sure what happened but apparently this occurred to several local hives. Perhaps the queen suddenly died before another was in place. Here are more reasons they may leave: Loud ...
It’s MOVING DAY for More Reasons Than One! A referral from a trusted source began the journey of searching for a forever home for a buyer client. The Wants and Needs List was reasonable, specifying an updated, open floor plan, one level, two to three bedrooms with an office, a 3-car garage if pos...
Up, Up and A Weigh! The new ban on weight (obesity) discrimination law in New York City has garnered much attention and is apparently gaining traction on land. By air, New Zealand's international airline, Air New Zealand, plans to weigh all passengers, as they do luggage, before boarding internat...
Insurance Companies Play 'Hot Potato' with Home Owners Homeowner's insurance is required when carrying a mortgage but is also a good practice for replacement costs on a property, in case of burglary, flood, fire, etc. Believe it or not, insurance companies can / will drop you for a plethora of re...
Real Estate Marketing Never Stops. Neither Does Rust! Can you see me now? If not, then apparently I'm wasting precious time and throwing hard earned dollars away! Pure strategy in all marketing efforts means a clear direction on capturing an intended target market. It pays to be: Creative Diligen...
Did June-o it's National Homeownership Month? While some agents may be taking time off to travel or take a long break, this is an opportunity to be available to potential buyers. I enjoy finding out where people are coming from, why they chose Southern Utah and market successfully to those buyers...
My Infatuation with Hollyhock Dolls At that moment when first seeing the Hollyhock plant with it's thick stalk and regal tower of gorgeous blooms, I was smitten! Since then, I have searched high and low for all varieties and colors, often harvesting them on the roadsides and at our favorite golf ...
There's Only ONE WAY. And that's YOUR WAY!  When searching for a property to serve you well for many years to come, I will ensure we are headed in the right direction. Achieving your sales goal matters greatly to this Southern Utah real estate agent. Follow me to your next residence...ONE WAY or ...
Memorial Day: Honoring Casualties of WarUnited States Army Sergeant Robert Edwin Graves served valiantly in the Korean War and is still unaccounted for. Here is the story:In late November 1950, the 5th Cavalry Regiment, part of the 1st Cavalry Division were ambushed by massive counteroffensive by...
Mancave's at SunRiver St. George, Utah...Momma's Happy!  Back in 2015, SunRiver St. George in southern Utah introduced Adventure Mancave's! The garages couldn't be built fast enough for the high demand of these luxury, storage units by interested parties.  A total of 34 units were built, at a pri...

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Southern Utah has over 300 days of sunshine per year while offering mild winter temperatures for outdoor activities every day! Add that to the picturesque canyons, red rock cliffs, sandstone bluffs, clean air plus small town atmosphere and you are Home, Sweet Home! Come and experience Southern Utah for yourself! I cover the following areas: - St. George - Hurricane - Washington City - Santa Clara - Ivins - Central - New Harmony - Pine Valley - Toquerville - Veyo - Central