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Do We Need The Point System? Would anyone part of the AR Network be posting, just because they like to share their experiences and knowledge to the world if the point system was terminated today? Gregory Lohr commented in one of my postings (Active Rain giving away points 300 or more)he said "th...
  Some of the latest listing in the city of Fairfax, to visit any of these properties please contact me at 703-943-7844 Freddy Solis Complete list with more details and property descriptions are available to anyone looking to purchase a home in Fairfax.   Houses for sale in Fairfax 22030 as of 9...
This song should be elected as AR's official song. Active Rain was the first thing that came to my mind the last time I listen to this song. What do you think? The song is the best one, of the greatest ever, I think it fits perfect as the AR song. If is not, what song do you think represents AR ...
I was wondering about a possible blog I wanted to post here. What if I post in Spanish only, with content that is relevant to the group. Will I be deleted? I had always wondered if I was restricted to English only even though it seems there is plenty of Spanish speaking real estate agents that s...
More good news for the real estate industry!! According to the Office of Federal Housing Oversight's Housing Price Index for the 2nd Quarter of 2008 released August 26th, 30 of the 50 States had positive changes in house prices from June 2007 through June 2008, including our very own Washington S...
WHAT'S THE POINT ANYWAY? I see many postings telling us how to get points, most of them just making jokes about the point system, but really who decides how many points a blog posting will get? Is it the number of comments, how many people read it, or just how many people click the link? Seems ve...
  One of the benefits of blogging is the google juice, and that people searching for a topic can find us. The correlary of that is that people will contact us about what we blog about - so, if you blog about something, that's what people may call you about. Blog about equestrian properties, and e...
I been waiting for this piece of property for years now and it looks like I will be waiting for many more years to come, lets hope by then I'm still a resident of Northern Virginia. Is anyone else in my predicament? I just want two spots.... The Redskins seats are so hard to get I'm on the waitin...
  Fall for the Book Festival: 10th Annual Event  September 21-26, 2008 in the City of Fairfax VA. Book readers of all ages invited to this yearly event to take place in wonderful settings. The Fall for the Book Festival celebrates literature, learning and all types of books and storytelling from ...
ABOUT FAIRFAX CITY FAIRFAX: Located in Northern Virginia in the heart of Fairfax County, the city of Fairfax has a family atmosphere and modern living. Fairfax has many things to offer for any family seeking to move to the Washington metro area. With its historic district, new shopping, new dinni...

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