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OK...I admit that I want it all.  Our market is about 90 percent foreclosure.  It seems like most of them are going with the people who had the vision to see what was going on 2 years ago.  What are you guys doing to pick up a piece of the foreclosure pie?
Ok...we know that the market is tough....I know I've cut back on lots of stuff.  My assistant, travel, and worst of all, my cleaning person!  (And massages, too)  All that was easy when we're making the big bucks...but let's me honest, most of us are doing some belt tightening.  Just between us f...
Over the last 19 years, I've worked for 4 different franchises...ERA, RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker and Prudential.  I've had different brokers try to solicit me over this time period....so the question is...how important is the sign, and how important is the agent?I feel that the agent is the reason f...
This is a question that has been buggin me for a while.I've been selling homes in Solano and southern Napa county for 19 years.  I'm comfortable with it, know the area, can drive anywhere without a GPS, and feel confident matching areas with clients.Lots of the newer agents in my office are selli...
Do any of you other bloggers love the reaction you get when a buyer finds the right house?It is magic to watch...first they stroke the fireplace mantle, then maybe caress the cabinets, let their fingers run over the granite counter tops.  I call this "making love to the house". Then...the tape me...
I had already written a blog, and went to add some tags, and the blog got eaten^&*()%#$^*$%)())So...here are some pix of Benicia...a wonderful historic town on the water close to San Francisco!  I'm not sure how to format photos on this site...but here are the descriptions.The first photo is the ...
Lately, I've been hearing lots of EEyor-ismsThe market stinks...I'll never sell another house again...I'm broke..................... Do you guys remember EEyor..the poor soul on Winnie the Pooh who would complain on a perfectly sunny day that it may start to rain? So we have another rainy season ...
Do you like walking down the street, and everyone knows you?  You'd love Benicia.Benicia is the kind of town where, like Cheers, everyone knows your name.  Of course it has its advantages and disadvantages.Advantages:Warm, fuzzy feelingDon't have to prove yourselfYou have to watch what you doDisa...

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