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Just posted a quick screencast tour of newly born ReTechulous Lead Generation System, HelloHudsonValley.Com. It all starts with simple self-hosted wordpress site that's integrated with some social media based lead capture, idx property search integration, a video gallery page (to keep visitors ha...
Are you creating Twitter Accounts for individual property listings? How about setting them to automatically follow every tweeter in your geographic region? Check out this new service ReTechulous, LLC just introduced:  TweetLS.Com  
GoAnimate.Com's really pretty neat. Check out the "movie" we just made over at ReTechulous... Took about an hour, start to finish with a bit of a learning curve just because was a first time use. Really happy... and it's free! CLICK HERE TO WATCH OUR GOANIMATE VIDEO, HAVING A HARD TIME GETTING IT...
I just don't get it? What's it do?  
Check out our "Farting Around" page for an example of our Youtube dubbing trick in action. Basically if you set 2 Youtube videos to autoplay, one being the "dubbee" and the other beeing the "dubber" you can add any audio you want to any Youtube vid. Huh?   Just check out the page, you'll see what...
Looking for a fun real estate website widget? Why not try out the new "Real Estate Stern Fan" widget from HouseYourMom.Com? "Bobba Booey... Wanna Buy A House?"
  Just put together this widget over at the Harris Real Estate University Blog. Hannah, you out there? Can you tell folks about it?   Thanks :)   The Harris Real Estate University tech team just created this nifty widget over at Click, "Get Widget" below the countdown in order to e...
York Pa Investment Real Estate property at 816S. Beaver. Last rented for $800/month to college students at York College.   3 Bedrooms, solid rental condition.   Visit CentralPaLiving.Com for more info and video of this juicy piece of investment real estate in York Pa.   Listed by Walt Wensel RE/M...
  Yo Yo Mamma! Happy Mother's day mommy. I'm happy to announce, CentralPaLiving.Com is alive and kicking with a crispy new funky fresh design.   Looking for Real Estate In Central Pa?   York Lancaster And the rest of all that's going down in Central Pa Land!   It's not really that old, but we've ...
Over the past few years, I've helped generate, process, and incubate thousands and thousands and thousands of IDX Property Search registrations. And more recently (& concurrently), I committed to consistently adding dynamic, exciting video content to one of my blogs.  I let people search freely o...

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