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Information for distressed homeowners with regard to loan modification and foreclosure defense. There is also advice to complete the short sale process successfully!
Grouch Marx once said that "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies."  Just to prove his point, along comes Congressman Garrett of New Jersey.  He believes he can run the FHA and has introduced HR 3706.  This bil...
New York State has its own first time home buyers tax credit apart from the expiring Federal tax credit.  Unlike the $8,000 tax credit, it is not expiring and is not a one shot deal.  A person with a Long Island Mortgage or any first time home buyer in New York State can use this tax credit year ...
Joshua Zumbrun of Forbes Magazine wrote an article explaining the 8 reasons to be wary of housing.  This is just typical of the doom and gloom crowd.  As a Long Island mortgage originator, I refuse to belie...
How a home looks when you post it on a website will make or break the interest for that listing.  Here are some tips from professional architectural photographers on how to show your home's best face to buyers: Always use a tripod. Take interior photos at twilight when the light coming through wi...
The FHA 203K program can save the day for, the buyer, seller and Realtor. This program, which is used to buy and repair houses has been marketed and discussed as a method to purchase distressed and foreclosed properties. However, this program can also be used to make small repairs and renovations...

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