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Ringling Bros and Barnum & Baily circus will be at the Honda Center in Anaheim from July 28th thru August 8th. Always a fun time for children and adults alike. 130 performers from 6 continents 500 tons of Elephants,cowboys, pirates and mermaids. You cant miss this San Clemente has a street faire ...
Having to make quick travel plans can cost you more than you expect. I looked on the internet for rental prices for a car from the airport and saw that their list prices were $43+ for a small -midsize car. In the past it had been my experience that I would make reservations for a car rental and t...
How are we able to go to court and send a man to jail for a double murder,manslaughter, as a drunk driver who kills a pregnant woman and her 7 month old fetus but its OK to have a Partial-Birth Abortion? What is the difference? Our Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag states "One Nation under God" bu...
Wow.  Last Monday night we went and placed some chairs and had a little picnic outside the South Coast Repertory. I thought it would only be a few hundred people. But soon it grew to about 3000 people.  They were all spread out laughing and listening the the music broadcasted over the large speak...
It really sounds like a great plan.   This will encompass 1347 acres of which 225 acres will happen in the next 5-10 years. They are supposed to have a Memorial and a Cultural Terrace.  There will be a 26 Acre Lake in the center and a Botanical Gardens near by. There are tons of other planned thi...
By Mike Pash Certified Financial Planner Here's a new twist on an old saying. There are three things in life that are certain: death, taxes, and college costs that go up every year, even during a recession. How can students and parents avoid the "extreme borrowing" phenomenon that can lead to yea...
by Linda Stern Four straight weeks of record-low mortgage interest rates has spurred another refi boom. That's understandable: The idea of locking in around 4.5 percent for 30 years is really tempting. But not everyone who can refinance should, and not everyone who should can. "The truth of the m...
First thing you should do before you start your home search is chose an agent.  Often it is best to find an agent by referral and when referred do a little investigating to see if they have some past clients that are happy with them. Chose an agent who is a buyer's agent , who's job is to work fo...
 by Joe Weisenthal in Investing, Recession One of the hottest feuds in economics today is the one between Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson and Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman. The debate represents austerity vs. stimulus, with Krugman, of course, arguing that the U.S. needs to do way more to save th...
 by Keegan Bales in Recession By the end of the third quarter it will be clear whether the economy is forging a real recovery or slipping into another recession, says Vinny Catalano, founder and president of Blue Market Research. This is a much more important than some academic debate over whethe...

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